Top 25 Frequently Asked Questions About Udimi Solo Ads

Solo Ads are one of the best ways to grow your email list.

Are you considering driving real traffic to your online business to make big money? If so, then you should try using Udimi Solo Ads.

In case you’re wondering what Udimi is all about, don’t worry because in this article, you’re going to learn about the most frequently asked questions about Udimi Solo Ads.

So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

Common Questions Asked About Udimi Marketplace

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Udimi- the solo ads marketplace:

1. What is Udimi?

Udimi is one of the world’s largest solo ads marketplaces with a ton of solo ad sellers who sell advertising to marketers and individual business owners. In other words, Udimi plays the role of the middleman between solo ads sellers and buyers. The platform regulates every step of the solo ads selling and buying process.

The marketplace is free to join and filters out useless traffic and clicks. That means that buyers only get quality traffic.

The coolest thing about Udimi is that you can get solo ads vendors in different niches

2. How do Udimi solo ads work?

How Udimi Solo Ads work for buyers and sellers is simple:

As an Udimi Solo Ads buyer:

  • First off, you begin by planning the ad campaign for your business.
  • Determine the total cost of acquiring customers.
  • Head over to Udimi to search for a seller in your niche. Pay attention to the seller ratings, read reviews, and find view past customer results.
    You can also send a message to the Solo Ad seller to determine whether they are good fit for your business traffic.
  • You can then create the landing page or buy one from the seller.
  • Purchase Solo Ads then observe the results to see whether it’s worth the investment.

Remember that when buying Solo Ads, you need to use vendors selling tier one traffic. These are sellers who deliver quality traffic from Europe, United States, and other wealthy countries.

As an Udimi Solo Ads seller:

As a seller, you will go through a stringent process to ensure that you’re delivering human traffic and not bot traffic.

Udimi only accepts Solo Ads sellers with top-notch traffic.

The platform also has a strong team of affiliates who can help to market your offers for you through the Udimi affiliate program.

To start selling ads on Udimi, you have to go through the process below:

  • Pass through the identity check process by providing your name and phone number;
  • The platform will hold your first payment until you get real feedback from real Solo Ads buyers;
  • The traffic you deliver is filtered thoroughly;
  • Udimi relies on ratings and customer reviews to ensure only sellers delivering quality traffic are allowed to trade on the platform.

3. Which Offers Convert Best With Udimi Solo Ads?

When purchasing Solo Ads, you must ensure your offers convert well so that you get a great ROI.
Here is a list of offers that can convert well with Solo Ads:

  • PLR products;
  • MLM or networking marketing offers;
  • How to make money online with affiliate marketing;
  • Done-for-you offers- you can create them yourself or use affiliate offers;
  • Make money online with Fiverr;

Newbie-friendly offers that don’t require too much to execute to make money can also be good offers to consider as well.

You can find these offers from JVZoo, ClickBank, and other marketplaces. You can also create your own custom-made offer as well.

4. How do you use Udimi solo ads?

To Solo Ads from a reputed seller, you need to conduct thorough research on different online forums.

You also must ensure you’re buying ads from reputable platforms to get great results.
Udimi is the best Solo Ads marketplace for buyers and sellers currently.

How to use Udimi Solo Ads is pretty simple:

  • First, you need to create an Udimi account that is simple, free, and fast. As a new Udimi user, you earn $5 for creating your account on the platform.
  • Once you have created your account, click the “Find Sellers” from the top menu bar to find Solo ads vendors.
  • Review the ratings, price, service, and other filters before choosing your preferred solo ad vendor. The process of selecting a vendor is simple and self-explanatory. Plus the filters will help you choose the right vendor for your business. Ensure you purchase solo ads from a seller with positive ratings.
  • Once you get a reliable seller, view their profile and click order to order the amount of clicks you want.
  • You will need to provide your landing page/affiliate link/ads copy to the seller.
  • You can also provide your link and the seller will write the email text or ad copy for you or provide the email Ad text with a link.
  • Click on the “Add to Cart” option to pay money. Once the seller accepts your order it will start running. Ensure the seller can deliver traffic within 3 days after which the order will be canceled
  • Once the seller delivers the order, you can track your traffic statistics on the platform. Only accept the delivery if the traffic report meets your requirements and give feedback to the seller.

You can also install the Udimi app on your mobile phone to keep track of the performance of your solo ads.

5. Why should I use Udimi?

First off, there are many Solo Ads marketplaces out there. Why use Udimi?

To begin with, Udimi is an online marketplace with many solo ads vendors in a wide range of niches.
It’s also one of the simplest and free platforms where new buyers can join and start doing business right away. Sellers have to undergo a strict vetting process though.

You can also buy affordable and high-converting Solo Ads you can use for affiliate marketing, email marketing, and product promotion.

Another reason why you should use Udimi is that you get your money back if the seller doesn’t deliver the targeted traffic and clicks you ordered.

6. Is Udimi good for affiliate marketing?

Solo ads are email-based ads you buy from the email list of solo ads vendors. Since they are sent as dedicated emails, they can be the best sources of traffic for affiliate marketing. So, yes, Udimi is a good platform for affiliate marketers looking to drive quality traffic to their affiliate marketing offers.

7. What is Prime status?

Udimi Prime status is a membership that unlocks a ton of amazing features of the marketplace. When you get the Prime status, you unlock a ton of useful features of the marketplace including:

  • More click log storage space;
  • Advanced opt-in monitoring;
  • Double affiliate earnings;
  • Profile badge;
  • Visitor recordings;
  • Profile view data;
  • Free access to;
  • Free Prime filter
  • And more.

8. What are the 5 reasons to communicate within Udimi?

Here are the top five reasons why you should conduct all your businesses within the Udimi platform:

To avoid scam sellers

Udimi filters out sellers by putting them through a strict process when joining the platform. That means that communicating within the platform ensures that you trade with real sellers and not scammers.

Any seller who tries to pull you outside of Udimi is a scammer. Sometimes sellers can convince buyers by offering them a discount when they accept direct payments which in reality is a trap.

Buying traffic outside of Udimi could also make you get more junk traffic and you won’t be refunded your money in case the traffic doesn’t meet your requirements.

To avoid fraud buyers

As a seller, communicating within Udimi will help to protect you against fraudulent buyers who can initiate disputes in PayPal and ask for a chargeback even after you have delivered the clicks successfully. Unless you’re an experienced seller, it’s not easy to win such disputes.
Udimi protects you from fraudulent buyers by gathering evidence to determine where the truth is.

Another way Udimi protects you from fraudulent buyers is by verifying them by the names on their credit card of PayPal.

The platform also bans ‘tire kickers’ and ‘serial refunders’ who threaten sellers with bad ratings and request for free traffic.

You’re protected during disputes

In case you sell solo ads or purchased ads outside Udimi and you face a dispute, the platform will not help you to solve the dispute. Udimi doesn’t track conversations or statistics outside the marketplace.
To stay protected during a dispute, you need to conduct all your businesses within the platform.

Udimi stores everything from conversations and other valuable records

When communicating within Udimi, everything is done in one place. That means that you can access information for a traffic seller who you bought from several years ago.

You risky getting banned

Sometimes buyers and sellers meet each other on Udimi but then after doing business for a while, they decide to move outside. When shit happens outside, they take their war back to the platform. This can make you get banned faster than you can imagine.

Frequently Question Asked About Udimi Buyer

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Udimi buyers:

9. How does Udimi protect you?

Udimi protects buyers and sellers in the following ways:

By providing a safe environment

Udimi provides sellers and buyers with a safe environment for valuable traffic and payments where they can build lasting relationships.
The platform controls every process including the following:

  • Payments are processed by Udimi.
  • Traffic is filtered to ensure buyers aren’t buying useless traffic.
  • Sellers are paid after delivering 1005 of the traffic.
  • In case the seller doesn’t deliver traffic, the buyer gets refunded instantly.
  • All ratings come from real buyers and sellers.
  • No spam, unprofessional behavior or communication on Udimi.

By verifying the identity every seller

Every seller is identified through ID check and live video call. If you were previously banned from Udimi, you can never be allowed back again even if you use a new name.

Advanced traffic filtering system

The Udimi click filter system filters useless traffic out so buyers can only pay for quality traffic.

Automatic payment and refunds processing

Udimi will refund your money back automatically in case the seller doesn’t deliver what you ordered within three days. The seller is also paid after delivering 100% of the clicks to the buyer.

Udimi stores payment info

Udimi stores PayPal or credit card info for any user who gets banned from the platform to keep them from registering again on the platform. This helps to protect sellers and buyers from scams.

Prohibits name changes

Udimi doesn’t allow users to change their names. This helps to keep malicious people from the platform.
For instance, assuming the platform allows people to change names, someone could scam others and change the name, making it hard for buyers to identify them.

10. How does the Udimi filter system work?

Udimi wants buyers to get value for the money they spend buying traffic. The platform employs a custom-designed click filter in the background that keeps scammers and time-wasters away.

Here is how the Udimi filtering system works:

  • Detects black hat technologies;
  • Detects users who deactivate JavaScript on their browsers;
  • Check against anonymous proxy database;
  • Checks and removes VPN;
  • Detects bots, worms, and non-human devices;
  • Checks and removes anonymous;
  • Blacklists checks including SpamCop, SpamHaus, and more.

All traffic delivered by a seller has to pass all the filters above to be counted in your stats.

11. What are the common reasons for rejected orders on Udimi?

A seller will reject your orders for various reasons

In most cases, most sellers will send you a private message stating the reasons for rejecting your orders.

Here are some of the reasons why a seller may reject your order:

  • Too many technical problems on the sellers’ side making it hard for them to mail your offer.
  • The seller might have already mailed the same offer multiple times thus they can’t produce quality results that meet your requirements.
  • There are bugs, mistakes, or other critical flaws on your site.
  • The seller is overbooked or sold too many
  • Your offer is prohibited.
  • Your offer isn’t fit for the sellers’ niche.
  • Saturated niche.
  • Invalid/dead link.
  • Buyer has a high refund rate.

12. What is a really good way to get good results with Solo Ads?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for getting great results with solo ads. Here are a few simple tips to help you get good results with solo ads:

Discuss the ad copy with the seller

Some niches are easy to write the subject line and ad copy but for others, you may need to ask the solo ad seller to write the subject line and ad copy for you.
Having the subject line and ad copy written by the seller can save you time and money on copywriting.

Buy solo ads from a trusted seller

The best thing about buying solo ads from Udimi is that all sellers are vetted before joining the marketplace thus you rest assured to buy from trusted sellers.

Consider niches that allow the use of solo ads

Not all niches are effective with solo ads. To get good results with solo ads, you’d want to ensure you’re in the following niches:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Personal development
  • Survival
  • Crypto
  • Internet marketing.

Consider venturing into a more general niche

Some niches are known to get more clicks than others. For instance, more general niches are more likely to get more clicks than specialty niches.

Consider the price of the list owner

When purchasing solo ads, you can expect to pay internet of cost per thousand impressions or cost-per-click.

Before purchasing from a seller, find out the sellers’ price.

Limit the use of webinars for email campaigners

Webinars are undoubtedly the most powerful sales tools out there. 73% of B2B marketers say they use webinars to generate high-quality leads.

However, webinars aren’t effective when it comes to email campaigns.

Write attention-grabbing ad copy

To get great results, you need to write a catchy ad copy. The good thing about Udimi is that you can get your copy written by your solo ad seller.

Use Udimi

Lastly, to get good results with solo ads, use Udimi. As one of the reputable solo ads marketplaces, you rest assured to get value for the money you invest in purchasing solo ads on the platform.

13. How to know if your order has been accepted?

Udimi will send you a notification once your order is accepted by the seller. The solo cell will also change to “Future state”. If your order is rejected, the cell will change to “Rejected”.
When your order has been accepted, your seller will start to deliver the traffic while Udimi filters all the traffic automatically. During the process, the order cell will change to “Delivery in progress. You can also select the “Seller is allowed to send earlier” option on the order form so that the seller can start delivering traffic anytime.

14. How long should you wait for acceptance?

Once you place your order, the seller has up to 24 hours to decide whether to accept or reject it. You can keep track of all your solo ads orders on the Order screen and your future orders will be listed in the ‘waiting’ status

15. Do vendors create the ad text for me??

Yes, solo ad vendors can create the ad copy for you. However, you need to send them the link or ask the seller privately.

16. Reasons, why sellers are not opening, follow-up emails?

There are many reasons (some that are unknown) why sellers don’t open your follow up emails. The most common reason could be that your emails are going into the junk or spam folder.

To prevent your follow up emails from landing into the junk or spam folders:

  • Avoid excess use of salesy words like discount, cash, buy, etc.
  • Ensure you’re sending emails to users who have subscribed to your email list.
  • Send emails through verified domains.
  • Add your location.
  • Let your subscribers know how to whitelist your emails.
  • Avoid using deceptive subject lines to bait-and-switch subscribers.

17. How do you know if it’s bot traffic?

Udimi uses advanced traffic filtering system to detect and prevent bot traffic to filter out scammers and timewasters from your audience.

18. How do you buy solo ads on Udimi?

First off, to buy solo ads, you need to find a seller by clicking on the “Find Sellers” option. Once there, use the filters at the top to discover a seller that suits your requirements.
Some filters you should pay attention to include the price, niche, ratings, traffic, repeat, sellers, and others.

Once you have selected all the filters, the seller cards will show up with the photo, name, and a short bio.

Review the seller’s profile looking at the local time, country and city, ratings, and awards. You can also send a direct message to the seller through the message button.

Check the average stats below the order form to see the latest 30 solos of the seller.

Read ratings from other buyers and place the order if you’re satisfied with the seller’s stats. Here, you need to select the amount of traffic you want to drive to your site using the slider and confirm the delivery data.

That’s how to buy Udimi solo ads.

Frequently Question Asked About Udimi Seller

Below are the most common questions for Udimi sellers.

19. How to set up an account on Udimi as a seller

Before you start trading on Udimi, you have to set up an account. Go to Settings and click Seller Setup to learn how to set up an account successfully.

Open your profile page and write a short bio about yourself then set prices and filters then describe yourself, your business, and traffic. You also need to upload your photo and add tags.

Answer the frequently asked questions then go back to Settings and click Seller Setup to set up automatic messages.
You can also personalize the messages by adding tags in the text.

20. How to promote your profile

To increase the visibility of your profile, you need to promote it.
Udimi allows you to promote your profile using Solo Deals. You have to create your solo deal to appear at the top of the Solo Deals section.

Udimi’s Promoted Status also gives you more exposure.

Frequently Question Asked About Udimi Pricing

Below are the commonly asked questions about Udimi pricing plans:

21. How do I cancel my monthly subscription to Udimi?

Canceling your monthly subscription on Udimi is pretty simple.
You can go to Settings on the desktop version of the platform, then click General Settings and hit the cancel link.

You can also contact Udimi Live Chat support to have your subscription canceled by a customer support representative.

22. Is Udimi free?

Udimi is a free marketplace where anyone interested in buying solo ads can join. You can also keep your account free for as long as you want. However, when buying advertising then you will have to pay for solo ad clicks.

23. How do you get the Udimi gift code (discount)?

Udimi provides a discount for new users. For instance, when you sign up, you get a $5 free Udimi gift code that you can buy solo ads with.

24. How Much Does Udimi Solo Ads Cost?

Udimi is a trustworthy solo ads marketplace where you can buy quality solos without working about getting fake clicks or dealing with scammers.
Typically, Udimi solo ads cost only $0.05 to $0.95 per click. You can expect to pay up to a maximum of $2 per click.

25. What are the Udimi fees for sellers

Udimi fees for sellers will depend on the price per click that a seller considers to be profitable.
Generally, you have to deliver 50% extra clicks because of the clicks that will be filtered.

Typically, to make 0.35c per click net, you may need to charge approximately 0.74c to cater for a payment processor, Udimi, and Affiliate fees.

Final Thoughts

Apart from Google and Facebook, Udimi is one of the best marketplaces to buy high-quality solo ads. The platform has many sellers who sell solo ads in different niches.

I hope this question answers all your questions about Udimi.

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