What Are PLR Articles? What Can it do & Is it Right for You?

PLR articles save you content creation time. They are also a cheaper way of generating content. PLR articles are suitable for email marketing, list building, and reusing content for video marketing.

However, as a blogger, PLR content may not be of benefit to you. The content is mostly duplicate, which affects your visibility on search engines.

Most people selling PLR articles are out here to make passive income.

Unfortunately, the PLR content ends up taking too much of your time when editing. If you want to start blogging, you may have to avoid using the free PLR articles. But, that’s just our opinion!

However, if you still feel convinced about using digital products, there are sites that offer quality PLR articles.

In our comprehensive guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about PLR articles.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A PLR Article?

As a content creator, sometimes you find yourself having a content block. To counter this, you can log in to online sites that offer PLR products and download a PLR article within your niche.

With a PLR article, you have the right to edit it, modify and rebrand it before using it. The articles are a cheaper alternative to creating content.

The private label license gives you the right to edit, modify and resell content. However, not all content owners will allow you to claim copyright for the articles.

What Are The Types Of PLR Articles?

PLR articles are of three types. Before you purchase or download PLR articles, you need to be aware of the following types:

1. Re-written articles

If you have 20 pieces of PLR articles and 10 buyers buy from you, it means that you’re selling similar content. With re-written content, you can ask your seller to write for you the content.

For instance, several buyers from the digital marketing niche are interested in a PLR article within this niche. You can request the seller to rewrite the content to your preference.

2. Keyword-based PLR articles

In blogging and article writing, keywords play a crucial role. They improve your visibility on search engines and drive traffic to a page.

For example, if your ranking for the keywords, content marketing, and a user searches online using the keyword, your page can rank on the top pages of the search engines.

As a content creator who wants to optimize content with SEO, you can purchase keyword-based PLR for article writing.

3. Academic PLR articles

You can buy academic PLR articles for ebooks and other informative guides. Instead of writing content from scratch, the PLR articles save you research time and effort.

Users of PLR Articles

Who should PLR articles? As a content creator, do you wake up to create content only for you to stare at your editor blankly? PLR articles are a solution for marketers who need content for various reasons. These are:

  • Coaches – Instead of creating learning materials, a coach can buy PLR articles to write informational content like ebooks.
  • Marketers – Internet marketers can use the keyword-PLR to optimize articles for search engine visibility.
  • Bloggers – Instead of writing a blog from scratch, bloggers can buy high-quality PLR articles, edit them and publish them on their websites.
  • Affiliate marketing – A marketer can share for free or sell PLR articles to their clients for personal use.
  • List building: To send emails to subscribers, you need an email list. Pushing PLR articles and newsletters helps to grow your email list.
  • Digital product resellers: If you’re dealing with online products, you can resell them to multiple buyers as you want.

Benefits of PLR Articles

Although PLR articles may not have the best styling, they save you the hustle of creating content. There are so many benefits of using PLR articles for content marketing. Some of them are:

  • You can ask the seller to rewrite articles that are within your niche.
  • PLR articles are less expensive. You save a lot of money as compared to hiring copywriters to generate original content. PLR sites sell the articles at an affordable price.
  • Private label articles are easier to edit and modify for your brand.
  • As the content owner, you earn profit for your work by reselling it to other interested customers.
  • High-quality PLR articles are complete.
  • With PLR articles, you have the right to add your name as the author of the content. Hence, it attracts buyers and builds trust.
  • PLR articles are flexible. You can use them for your ebooks, list building, or reuse them for video marketing.

The disadvantage of Plr Article

  • The articles are not unique. You have to edit the content to avoid having duplicate content.
  • It can be tough to get buyers for your content. There’s high competition from multiple sellers offering PLR articles for free.
  • Most of the free PLR articles have poor quality. That is, they have poor styles and grammatical errors.

Best Sites to Find Free & Paid PLR Article

Do you need help identifying the best sites which you can download free and paid PLR articles for your website or blog? We are here to help you identify sources that provide quality content you can edit and resell.

It’s worth noting that free PLR articles have low quality. For the paid PLR articles, you can get them at a lower price. Here’s a list of the paid and free sites for PLR articles:

1. PLR.me


The online site saves you from creating original content from scratch. Creating an account is free. The PLR content from the site starts at $0.40 per download.


  • The content is mostly for health and life coaches.
  • Exclusive monthly and annual members have access to web-based software to automate content.
  • You can edit the PLR content, resell or share it for free.
  • Products from PLR.me are ebooks, articles, courses, and presentations.
  • Get flexibility for the PLR products by buying credits. That is, you have the right to select the content, decide how much to pay and when you need it.
  • Credits save you money. You get a higher discount as you buy more credits.



Similar to the plr.me site, you do not need a subscription fee to register for an account with IDPLR.


There are more than 12,500 products, each with resale rights and private labels rights.

As a content creator or webmaster, you need content to drive traffic and engage your customers. The site has over 200,000 PLR articles ready for you to download. Examples of content categories are internet marketing and weight loss.


  • Members can submit content ideas to have content created.
  • You can access free PLR products, like ebooks, software, videos, audio, graphics, and templates.
  • IDPLR has over 200,000 PLR articles.
  • It is free to create an account.

3. Resell Rights Weekly

Buying online products can be expensive. But, Resell Rights Weekly allows you to download more than 728 products at no cost.


The products have either private label rights or resell rights. Hence, you can always resell them to other buyers. Similar to other sites, you can keep all the profits to yourself.


  • With the free membership, you can download two products every week without paying a single dollar.
  • The products are updated regularly, meaning that you do not have to download old, outdated products.
  • Examples of free products with private label source files are audio files, AVI video files, text files, word document files, and software/ script source code.


4. PlrPlr


The site has 100,000 PLR articles. They are free to access and use on your website or blogging. The articles are split into various categories.


  • You can resell the articles to earn profits.
  • You can edit the PLR articles to use on your website.
  • PLR articles give you the right to edit and modify the content.
  • You can share the articles as a bonus or give them up for free.


5. KillerPlrArticles


The site offers you free content from more than 200 categories. You cannot miss an article from the 1000 topics available from the database. Start by creating an account and requesting free access.


  • There is no subscription fee.
  • The articles are free to use.
  • With more than 200 categories and 1000 topics, you will always find content for your website or blog.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you rewrite PLR articles?

To rewrite PLR articles, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you, use software or ask the content owner to write it for you. You need to edit the content to your brand and also avoid having duplicates.

Can you use PLR articles?

It’s both yes and no. Yes, because the content saves you time. You do not have to write articles from scratch. Also, it is a cheaper way of generating content than hiring freelancers. On the other hand, it’s a no because it’s hard to find high-quality content to use.

Is PLR Article Right for You?

If you’re looking for PLR articles, you can get the content from free and paid sites. However, it can be daunting to find sources that provide high-quality content.

You can request the article owner to create content for you using your content ideas. With PLR articles, you can make a profit by reselling the content to multiple buyers.

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