Pricing Plan 2023 – Which Plan is Best For You?

Are you planning to become a member but you aren’t sure about the pricing plans the website offers? 

I’ve got your back.

In this article, I’m going to review the pricing model of the platform to help you choose a suitable pricing plan for you.

Currently, is the leading membership website that offers high-quality digital products created by an in-house team of industry experts who specialize in different niches.

There, you can get quality articles & blog posts, useful action guides, professionally-written eBooks & reports, and many more.

The website offers products with PLR rights so you can customize them in any way you want, give to your subscribers as tokens or bonuses or use them for any purpose.

Unlike other PLR websites, pricing is based on credits.

Read on to understand how pricing works.

Specifically, I will talk about the following:

  • How does pricing work?
  • What are credits in
  • What are credit costs for each product type?
  • pricing and plans

At the end of this article, I will also help you choose the best pricing option based on my experience of using the website.

Let’s get started.

How Does Pricing Works?

As mentioned above, to download products on this website, you need to purchase credits. 

Products are categorized into different pricing options: Pay-as-you-go, monthly, and annual membership options.

The pay-as-you-go is for one-time product download whereas the monthly and annual membership options allow you to download products without limitations for the time you’re subscribed to the membership.


What Are Credits in is based on a credit-based payment system.

So what are credits?

PLRme Credit

Credits are like points you get that enable you to download digital products online.

The good thing about a credit-based payment system is that they give you complete flexibility. For instance, you have full control over what to buy with them, how much credit you want to spend on the products, etc.

If you want to download a few products and you don’t want to join membership, you can purchase credits for as little as $2.20 each.

Also, if you want to use PLR products for a long time, you can join their membership and purchase credits for as little as $0.40 per credit.

If you want to download products, you purchase credits based on the price of the products and bundles you want. If you run out of credits you can always purchase more through the Pricing Page.

The good thing about credit-based payment model is that the more credits you purchase the more money you save because you get great discounts.

In this video, Richard Butler, director of education at has explained how credits work.

What are Credit Costs For Each Product Type?

Different products are available for varied amounts of credits:

Here is a breakdown of credits cost for each product type:

  • Articles: 1 credit
  • Affirmations: 1 credit
  • Wallpapers: 1 credit
  • Checklists: 1 credit
  • Worksheets: 1 credit
  • Action guides 2 credits
  • Fables: 2 credits
  • Facebook Ads: 5 credits
  • Meditative audios: 7+ credits
  • Coaching challenges: 10 credits
  • Landing pages:  10 credits
  • Reports and eBooks: 10 credits
  • Slide deck presentations: 10 credits
  • Email sequences: 10+ credits
  • Journals: 15 credits
  • Complete courses: 50+ credits
  • Course bundles:  150+ credits
  • Bundles: 10 – 200 credits.

All text content is available in editable form. For instance, most articles, blog posts, presentations, reports, and other written content comes in PDF, DOC, and other editable source files.

This allows you to edit, brand, sell, or give them for free to your audience.

Try (Get Instant Free 10 Credits) Pricing and Plans offers flexible pricing plans for people looking to use PLR products for both short-and long-term.

Below is a breakdown of pricing plans:

plrme pricing overviewFree Plan

With the free plan, you don’t enjoy a lot of benefits. For instance, you get 2 free credits monthly and over 16,470 brandable products to choose from.


The pay-as-you-go pricing option is for those who want to purchase products without joining the membership plans.

For instance, if you just want to download a few products, this is a suitable plan for you.

In this plan, you can purchase 10 credits one-time at $2.20 per credit

100 Monthly plan

In this pricing plan, you get 100 credits per month at $0.99 per credit.

You also get over 16,470 brandable products to choose from, additional credits at a discount of $0.90 per credit, and access to a suite of 12 useful content marketing software tools available in the exclusive members-only section such as a content auto loader, coaching email templates, PDF brander, image animator, etc. In addition to that, you also join the Facebook Mastermind Group.

400 Monthly plan

This is the most popular plan according to that offers 400 credits annually at $0.95 per credit as well as additional credits at a discounted price of just $0.70 each and everything offered in the 100 Monthly plan.

800 Monthly plan

In this plan, you get 800 credits per year at $0.72 per credit as well as additional credits at a discounted rate of just $0.60 each plus priority requests for new and everything offered in the 400 Monthly plan.

2,500 Monthly plan

Promoted as best deal, this plan offers 2,500 credits per year at $0.40 per credit as well as additional credits at a discounted price of just $0.37 each, and everything offered in the 800 Monthly plan.

According to statics collected by from customers, most members purchase 96 credits to download up to 33 PLR products per month. 

When you purchase 400 credits, you will be able to download the following brandable resources:

  • 10 eBooks for 100 credits
  • 10 Slide deck presentations for 100 credits
  • 5 coaching challenges for 50 credits
  • 1 course bundle for 150 credits

In total, you can download 26 brandable resources (plus many others) that could have cost you $27,500 had you hired a freelancer to create them for you. You could also save 1,250 hours that you could have spent creating them by yourself. also offers the Exclusive members-only package (If you join their monthly or annual plans) that comes with a suite of web-based software to take your content marketing to the next level.

Here are some of the exclusive tools you get in this package:

  • Auto slide deck: To help you create beautiful presentation slides automatically.
  • Content auto loader: Generate content for your WordPress site on autopilot.
  • PDF brander: Add catchy CTAs and branding to all your PDF documents in just a few clicks of a button.
  • Image brander: Brand your images by adding watermarks in seconds.
  • Content Summarizer: Automatically summarize content to create tweets, checklists, etc.
  • Video sales letter generator:  Automatically repurpose written content into powerful PowerPoint presentations or videos sales letters
  • Coaching email templates: Awesome email templates for health & wellness coaches.
  • Perfect email formatter: Craft awesomely formatted emails optimized for all mobile devices.
  • Image animator: Design eye-catch animated graphics for your website and emails.
  • Dupe examiner: Examine your written content for plagiarism.
  • Virtual fax machine: Offers you free faxing documents.
  • WP Swipe & deploy: Generate awesome blog post titles and high converting sales pages with ease.
  • Product showcase: Design stunning grid-style images to showcase products in seconds. Pricing Plan – Which Plan is Best For You?

As you have seen, offers three pricing options: Pay-as-you-go, monthly, and annual membership

Now, the best pricing plan for you will depend on how often you plan to use content.

For instance, if you plan to use PLR content from this website for a long time (or if you want to save money and download plenty of products) then I recommend using one of the monthly or annual plans.

But if you want to use products one-off then try their pay-as-you-go plan.

Try (Get Instant Free 10 Credits)

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