BigProductStore Pricing 2023 : Which Plan is Best For You?

Are you planning to use bigproductstore for all your PLR products needs but you aren’t sure about the website’s pricing and plans? If so then I’m here to help you.

In this article, I’m going to review the pricing model of the BigProductStore platform and help you choose the right pricing plan for you.

One thing you need to know about BigProductStore is that even though the name suggests that it’s a product store, the website doesn’t sell products individually but you have to join their monthly membership plans or pay a one-time fee.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Big Product Store?


Big Product Store is one of the largest PLR membership websites with a massive library of over 10,000 info products that come with various licenses. The website was established in 2012 and currently delivers all important PLR products such:

  • Videos 
  • eBooks 
  • Article packs 
  • Software
  • Templates & Graphics 
  • and many more

Unlike other PLR websites that sell products individually, Big Product Store offers premium plans where you purchase a subscription plan to gain unlimited access to tens of thousands of products in different categories and niches for the time you need them. 

The good thing about this platform is that it has a lifetime membership plan where you only pay once and gain unlimited access to all the products and future releases for as long as you need them.

Must mention that even though this website offers products with different types of licensing with restrictive rights, most of the products come with Private Label Rights.

This means that you can do anything you want with the products including editing, rebranding, claiming authorship, packaging with other products, etc.

The product quality is average and many of the products especially in the software category are outdated. Also, most of the written content contains a lot of grammatical mistakes so they need a lot of editing.

I also found plenty of the products delivered on BigProductStore listed on other PLR websites. This means that this website gets its products from other sites, unlike which has an in-house team of professional product creators and industry experts.

That said, let’s get into the important section of this website.


BigProductStore Pricing and Plans

Generally, Big Product Store offers four different pricing plans:  Monthly, OneTime Payment, Monthly Ultimate, and OneTime Payment Ultimate.

BigProductStore Pricing Plan

Let’s take a look at what’s included in each plan.

Monthly Pricing Plan

BigProductStore Monthly Pricing Plan

Big Product Store offers a monthly pricing plan that you can cancel anytime. With this plan, you will be billed $19.90 monthly and get unlimited access and downloads to all the products listed on the website except for the exclusive products.

OneTime Payment

BigProductStore One Time Plan.jpg

The website also has an awesome one-time payment plan of $98.50.

With this plan, you pay only once and gain access and downloads to all the products listed on the website except those in the exclusive products library.

Monthly Ultimate


When you purchase this plan, you gain unlimited access and downloads to all products monthly including those in the exclusive products library. You will be billed $29.90 per month and you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime.

OneTime Payment Ultimate

BigProductStore-OneTime Payment Ultimate

The OneTime Payment Ultimate gives you access to BigProductStore exclusive products and unlimited access and downloads to all products delivered on the website for just $198.50 for life.

Important Things Worth Noting

  • With the monthly plan, your account will be charged monthly but without obligation since you can cancel your subscription anytime.
  • The OneTime pricing plan is a lifetime membership that allows you to pay a one-off fee and gain access to the website’s products for as long as you need them.

Which Plan is Best For You?

Big Product Store is a great PLR membership platform offering plenty of digital products in different categories and niches. The website also offers different pricing plans based on your needs.

In summary, if you want to download plenty of PLR products from BigProductStore but you have a tight budget, the OneTime membership can be a great option for you.

Otherwise, if you just want a few products then the monthly pricing plan can help you since you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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