10 Best AliExpress Product Research Tool (Free & Paid) 2023

Are you looking for the best AliExpress product research tool to find hot-selling products with healthy profit margins to grow your e-commerce business? If so then you have landed on the right page.

Currently, there are over 100 million products listed on the AliExpress marketplace and more than 150 million customers. Over 20 million customers visit the marketplace every single day.

However, there is a challenge for both new e-commerce marketers and seasoned marketers alike.

Finding the best-selling items with low competition and higher profit margins on AliExpress can be challenging. That’s where an AliExpress product research tool becomes helpful.

But the internet is chock-full of product research tools with different features. How do you know which is the best product research tool?

Don’t worry.

In this article, I will be reviewing the 10 best AliExpress product research tools.

What Are The Best AliExpress Product Research Tools?

Here is an overview of the best tools for AliExpress product research:

  • Ali Inspector: Powerful 6-in-one AliExpress product research and link scraper software. Best overall.
  • Ali Insider: The best AliExpress product discovery tool with a Chrome extension. Spot profitable AliExpress products in a click.
  • Niche Scraper: Innovative dropshipping and product research bot for finding winning products on AliExpress.
  • FindNiche: The #1 best AliExpress niche finder and dropshipping product research tool.
  • Sell The Trend: The comprehensive dropshipping solution to find hot and trending AliExpress products.
  • Zik Analytics: Cutting-edge eBay product research software to find hot products for your eBay store quickly.
  • Thieve.co: An online inventory with a curated list of hand-picked and voted quality products from AliExpress.
  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center: The best free-to-use AliExpress research tool to find amazing products and new AliExpress suppliers.
  • AliExtractor: Top AliExpress product research platform to find fast-selling, high ROI products for your online store.
  • AliShark: The #1 AliExpress research and dropship spy tool. Discover and track the top-selling products on AliExpress.

10 Best AliExpress Product Research Tools

Here is my curated list of the best AliExpress product research tools for dropshippers. These should help you discover hot, trending, best-selling products and top suppliers on AliExpress.

The list comprises both free and paid tools so if your budget is tight, I suggest that you start with a free tool or the free version before upgrading to the premium membership.

1. Ali Inspector (Best Overall)

With the increasing competition in the market, finding high-converting products to sell in your e-commerce store can be challenging. However, with Ali Inspector, you can easily top-selling products on AliExpress.

What Is Ali Inspector?

Ali Inspector is a product research software for uncovering best-selling products on AliExpress that you can sell on your e-commerce store.

AliinspectorThe software comes with amazing tools that let you generate niche keywords, analyze bestsellers, and uncover top-performing products for dropshipping on your e-commerce store in minutes. The software released version 2 recently that’s completely compatible with Windows and macOS.

With this tool, you can dig out products from AliExpress for any keyword using the advanced search options to uncover top-selling products.

The software can also provide you with 35 different metrics like product ratings, profit price, top brand, estimated revenue per month, number of product reviews, and many others to help you discover products that can generate great ROI for your e-commerce business.

What’s more, you can also search for profitable products in 3 ways:

  • Search for any keyword on AliExpress using the advanced search options to discover best-selling items for your e-commerce store;
  • Use the AliExpress and Bing search engines;
  • Enter a list of AliExpress product links.

But that’s not all. You can also get sales data for any product sold in the past 14 days instantly using the sales analyzer tool. Ali Inspector is the only AliExpress product research tool that can provide this valuable data in this list.

Not only that but you can also import unlimited products directly into your e-commerce store and the software will generate the sale price, regular price, useful SKUs for each product you import automatically.

This translates to hundreds of hours saved in importing products into your online store. Plus you can also import an unlimited number of reviews for an unlimited number of top-selling products into your WooCommerce or Shopify stores and translate the reviews into any language.

Ali Inspector 2 Features

Here is a sneak peek of the noteworthy features of the software.

  • Keyword generator tool: Generate a ton of high-converting niche keywords instantly. The Deep Search option can help you discover hidden profitable niches.
  • Bestsellers tool: Discover hot-selling products you can sell in your e-commerce store by analyzing the best sellers on AliExpress in more than 380 categories (both major categories and sub-categories).
  • In-built product link scraper: Type in a list of AliExpress products links and the tool will reveal all the data of all the products discovered.
  • Product import tool: Instantly import best-selling products and their exact reviews into your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

What I Don’t Like About The Software

  • There are only two pricing options to choose from.
  • Lack of live chat support
  • Lack of a trial version.

Pricing:  Ali Inspector 2 pricing plans start at $47 (One-time payment)


2. Ali Insider (Second Runners Up)

If you want to uncover the most profitable dropshipping products, you must use the best software that can analyze competition, check the saturation, find top suppliers as well as target markets. No tool does that best than Ali Inside.

What is Ali Insider?

Ali Insider is an all-in-one product research tool for discovering winning AliExpress products and profitable niche ideas.


The software comes with a Chrome extension that enables you to pull out comprehensive performance data on any product including growth rate, total orders, etc. The Chrome extension also enables you to discover new trending AliExpress products with low competition, track products that dropship fast to enable you to get profitable products that aren’t saturated.

With this tool, you can spy on your competitors’ stores for any product. For instance, you can uncover a list of your competitors’ stores on popular platforms like eBay, Shopify, Amazon, etc.

You can also see how many drop shippers already sell the products you intend to sell, data when they started selling them, etc. As if that’s not all, with the software, you can uncover a list of best suppliers for any product on AliExpress including their logistic information such as ePacket, warehouse locations, price of delivery, AliExpress Standards Shipping methods, etc.

The coolest part of this tool is that you can discover the top 5 countries with the most top-sold products and the top 5 countries where the products are dropshipped in large numbers.

Plus you can also find suppliers that ship from Australia, the USA, Europe, etc.

Ali Insider Best Features

Here are the top features of the software:

  • Research assistant: Get instant analytics about products such as ePacket, Average Daily Sales, etc. so you can choose products accordingly.
  • Sales tracker: Discover currently trending products and those that were trending in the past.
  • Logistic checker: See the time and price of the delivery of different suppliers to get a fast and reliable logistic company.
  • Competitor insider: Spy on your competitors’ stores for any product.
  • Price history: Discover how much a product has been selling for a given period.
  • Niche analyzer: Uncover the most profitable niches and their best-selling products.
  • Upcoming trends: Find new trending offers with low competition.

What I don’t Like About Ali Insider

  • You cannot import products to your e-commerce store manually.
  • You cannot spy on competitors’ ads
  • You cannot try the premium membership

Pricing: Ali Insider pricing plans start at $19.95 per month.


3. Niche Scraper

Are you planning to start a Shopify store but aren’t sure which niche is profitable? If so then Niche Scraper is for you.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper is an innovative dropshipping and product research bot (web crawler) that comes with powerful features for finding amazing AliExpress dropshipping products and profitable niche ideas.


The software allows you to spy on competitors’ Shopify stores and discover fast-selling products you can sell on your e-commerce store. If you’re looking to build a successful dropshipping business then try this software. It’s easy to use and effective in product research.

Niche Scraper Best Features

Here are the handy features of the tool:

  • Product scraper: Discover trendy and best-selling products on Shopify and AliExpress and get all the crucial data of the products such as the level of competition, overall trend, etc.
  • Handpicked winning products: With Niche Scraper, you can do your research or find hot the best products from a curated list of handpicked in different niches. The products are selected by the site team. New products are added to the catalog daily.
  • Store analyzer: Gain access to the best products sold on other Shopify stores in a few clicks. Scroll through thousands of Shopify stores and analyze their monthly traffic, the average price per product, the latest products added, etc.
  • Facebook Ads video generator: Video ads are known to convert much better than image ads. Note that using other dropshippers advertising videos is illegal. Moreover, video editing isn’t easy. Hiring a video editor can also cost you thousands of dollars. The video ad maker can pull product images and create a catchy Facebook ad for you in minutes. All you need is to enter the URL of the product and the tool will do the ad for you.
  • Tutorials: Never used a product research tool before? Don’t worry. The software offers useful tutorials that will help you learn how to use it. You can also learn the basics of dropshipping in case you’re doing it for the first time.

What I Don’t Like About Niche Scraper

  • If you intend to use a debit card for payment, you will have to contact their customer support.
  • The software doesn’t provide more data about the top and winning products like the other tools featured in this list.

Price: Niche Scraper pricing plans start at $49.95 per month.


4. FindNiche

FindNiche is yet another Gem for AliExpress product research work.

What is FindNiche?

FindNiche is a valuable dropshipping product research tool for finding best-selling AliExpress products and lucrative niche ideas.


The platform features a curated database of millions of top-selling products on AliExpress. New handpicked winning products are added to the product catalog daily.

If you’re looking to find fast-selling dropshipping goods with huge profit margins then look no further than this tool.

You can also get comprehensive performance analytics on the best products such as estimated profit margins, total sales, AliExpress product suppliers, reviews, successful social media advertising campaigns, Shopify competitors, etc.

The software was designed with newbies and experienced drop shippers alike.

The good news is that the product research tool pulls out data from AliExpress and hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores across the world so you rest assured to get profitable products that you can sell and grow your ecommerce store.

FindNiche Best Features

Let’s take a look at the awesome features of the software:

  • Product analysis & best-sellers: With this function, you can find, analyze and easily discover potential products. The Product Detail gives you some useful data like price trends, stores on sale, wishlist trends, etc. You also get a list of AliExpress e-commerce best sellers where you can uncover winning products.
  • Shopify product analysis & store spy: FindNiche was initially designed to help e-commerce sellers find winning products on a range of profitable niches. This feature enables you to research your competitors using keywords or their domain names.
  • Ad Spy: The Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ad spy help you discover the advertising strategies of your top competitors. By looking at the ad comments and likes, you can discover products that are selling well across multiple dropshipping stores.
  • Dropshipping niches every day: With this tool, you can find winning and low dropshipping niches curated by a powerful AI algorithm and experts every day.
  • Market insight: Discover unchallenged market territory for your e-commerce store in a few clicks.

What I Don’t Like About FindNiche

  • FindNiche free access is limited. When it comes to product research, you can’t get great results with limited queries.
  • Only compatible with the AliExpress marketplace.

Price: FindNiche pricing plans start at $35 per month.


5. Sell The Trend

With this product discovery tool, you can uncover your niche and pick winning AliExpress products, choose top suppliers, create high-performing pages, and build customer satisfaction.

What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend is premium dropshipping product research and spy platform featuring amazing tools to help you uncover the most profitable products on AliExpress for your online store. With this tool, you can also find out what other Shopify dropshipping stores are selling and copy their marketing strategies.


Not only that, the all-in-one dropshipping solution can help create high-converting product pages in seconds. You can also optimize images, product descriptions, and pricing to boost conversions. The software also lets you add new products to your store in seconds.

The tool also simplifies store management by auto-synchronizing your inventory with the stock available in your suppliers.

To help you promote and grow your store, the software can create winning product video ads by pulling together music, stunning images, and captions in seconds thanks to the innovative Video Creator. The Facebook audience builder lets you target your potential customers to increase your reach.

The advanced algorithm explores e-commerce stores worldwide to provide you with in-depth information on millions of products in a ton of profitable niches.

You can see the number of orders a product is winning, competition level, countries it’s selling well, how to use Facebook ads to target customers, etc.

Sell The Trend Best Features:

Here are the key features of the software:

  • Nexus explorer: The software uses AI to search popular eCommerce stores across the world to uncover trending ad winning products.
  • Influencer engagement calculator: 49% of consumers say that digital influencers influence their purchase decision with 40% of them have purchased something through influencer recommendations. Not all digital influencers are genuine though. Some even buy fake likes and followers. This feature can help you to find out the engagement stats of influencers on Instagram or Twitter before paying them to promote your products.
  • Store intelligence: Check what other Shopify dropshipping stores in your niche are selling including their monthly traffic and other useful information.
  • AliExpress import list: Instantly import AliExpress products into your Shopify in a few clicks.

What I don’t Like About Sell The Trend

  • Short free trial period.
  • Other extra courses are paid.
  • The huge list of features can overwhelm beginners.

Pricing: Sell The Trend pricing plans start at $39.97 per month.


6. Zik Analytics

Are you an eBay seller looking to generate more sales for your e-commerce business? If so then you need to make your store stand out from the competition by offering hot-selling products. To achieve this, you need a powerful research solution like Zik Analytics.

What is Zik Analytics?

Zik Analytics is a comprehensive product research software for eBay and AliExpress dropshipping.

Zik Analytics

The software can help you search for profitable products to start selling on eBay in minutes. Not only that, the tool can help you improve the visibility of your products by ranking them higher than your competitors. You can search for the best products using keywords and categories.

In summary, Zik Analytics can help you in the following ways:

  • Discover niches and products that are high in demand or those that have higher chances of being profitable.
  • Uncover hot-selling products by checking demand, supply, and competitor statistics.
  • Use price analytics data to maximize sales and increase profits.
  • Discover the most searched items using targeted keywords.

The software comes with an eBay title builder, a huge database of top wholesale suppliers, and a market research lab. Plus you can also analyze sales data, spy on other e-commerce sellers and suppliers to uncover best-sellers and copy their strategies.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive product research solution to discover the most searched items on eBay and find amazing AliExpress products then try this tool.

Zik Analytics Features

Let’s take a look at what’s included inside the software:

  • eBay market research tools: Find millions of profitable products for your eBay store, learn from top sellers, discover the hot-selling item categories, rank your products higher than your competitors.
  • AliExpress market research tools: Instantly research any AliExpress seller, analyze product data fast, find millions of hot products on any e-commerce store worldwide and fill your store.
  • Wholesale supplier database: Source millions of profitable products from multiple verified wholesale suppliers and save time.
  • Zik funnel: Create high-converting funnels, drive traffic and get more sales.

What I Don’t Like About Zik Analytics

  • Sometimes the data isn’t 100% accurate.
  • Too many functions, some that aren’t necessary.

Pricing: Zik Analytics pricing starts at $29.99.


7. Thieve.co

To get the best products to sell in your store, you need to research, get ideas and inspiration. This can be challenging, hectic, and time-consuming without the right tool.

What’s Thieve.co?

Thieve.co is a huge online database with a curated list of winning products and verified manufacturers you can buy from on AliExpress.


With this tool, you can discover products customers are searching for. The coolest part about the software is that products are grouped into different categories and niches. This helps to simplify product research.

The software is free to use but to gain access to exclusive products, you will need to sign up.

Thieve.co Best Features

Here is a quick overview of the software features:

  • Daily winning products: Thousands of amazing products are curated by designers, bloggers, and eCommerce experts daily.
  • Real metrics: Use data from millions of real consumers to know what’s selling before spending money on ads.
  • Premium product images: Curate and create stunning images for each product to make your product pages eye-catchy and increase conversion rates.
  • Ultimate dropshipping tool suite: Enhance your product research and save yourself time, headache, and money.
  • Supplier finder: Discover reputable suppliers for any product. The software analyzes product images and compares them with millions of suppliers to uncover the best possible sellers.
  • Store search: Spy on hundreds of thousands of dropship stores and rank them by traffic or total sales to discover what top stores are selling and copy their strategies.
  • Keywords: Discover hot trends with real-time Google Search data for hundreds of e-commerce related trending search terms.
  • Niches: Get a curated list of trending and evergreen niches with example dropship stores, products, audience demographics, etc.

What I Don’t Like About Thieve.co

  • The interface can be confusing for new users.
  • You have to sign up to access exclusive products.

Bottom line: The software is ideal for eCommerce and dropshipping store owners.


8. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Most product dropshipping product research tools out there cost money. What if you’re just getting started with dropshipping or you have a shoestring budget?


With AliExpress Dropshipping Center, you can find new and trendy products to sell, discover trusted suppliers on AliExpress, analyze your competitors, find products by images, do product comprehensive product analysis all for FREE.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

Also known as AliExpress Dropshipping Booster Program, AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a free product research platform created by AliExpress to help dropshippers run their businesses efficiently.

The software can easily uncover verified suppliers, analyze products and reveal the best before adding them to your store. You rest assured to get products that consumers are searching for out there.

What’s even great, you can sort products by rating, order numbers from other shoppers and dropshippers, delivery time, etc.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center Features

Here is what’s inside the platform:

  • AliExpress find products to sell: Here, you can find products based on the following categories:
    Hot selling products: Get a curated list of the top-selling items on the market at any given moment.
    Search by image: Simply upload a product image and the platform will reveal similar products for you in minutes.
    Sponsored products: Get a curated list of products from suppliers who pay AliExpress to increase their products’ visibility on the platform.
  • Product analysis: Analyze AliExpress products from a collection of hot selling items.

What I Don’t Like About The Software

  • Lack of phone and live chat support

Price: The platform is free to use.


9. AliExtractor

The fact is that there are tens of thousands of dropshipping product research and competitor analysis tools out there. But just how many of them are created by professionals who are running successful e-commerce stores?

What is AliExtractor?

AliExtractor, as the name suggests, is a dropshipping solution for extracting the best and most profitable products on AliExpress and other e-commerce platforms.


The web-based product discovery app is created by the team from Dropified to help you increase your profits while accessing amazing tools to attract new customers to your online store.

With AliExtractor, you can do the following:

  • Discover hot-selling products on the AliExpress marketplace.
  • Gain access to product reviews from top dropshipping stores.
  • Save your favorite searches.
  • Download images instantly.
  • Perform product price comparisons on third-party websites.

The app integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, Shopify, Commerce, and other popular platforms.
But that’s not all, the software uses new supplier metrics and data to help you discover products that are selling well.

AliExtractor Features

Here are the amazing tools that come with the software:

  • Net profit calculator: Calculate your profit margins efficiently and discover your bonus cashback amount on each AliExpress product.
  • Easy product sourcing: Determining the availability and cost of products on AliExpress is no easy task. AliExtractor can help you search for suppliers and their products’ sales potential.
  • New product idea generator: Get creative suggestions on products to enhance your new product research.
  • Retail revenue estimator: Discover current sales data and monthly volume statistics to determine the number of units to sell in your store.

What I Don’t Like About AliExtractor

  • The software comes with a lot of features that can be overwhelming for new users.
  • No free trial

Price: AliExtractor pricing starts at $29.


10. AliShark

AliShark comes with a suite of powerful tools to help you uncover in-demand products you can dropship or sell online.

What Is AliShark?

AliShark is an innovative product research platform for finding amazing dropshipping products on large marketplaces.


The platform functions as a large search engine with advanced filter options that help marketers search products with specifics.

For instance, you can filter your product search based on categories, niches, sources, top countries, shipping methods, the country where the product is shipped from, price, the total number of orders, etc.

With this tool, you can create ad videos in just a few clicks.

AliShark Features

Below are a few functions of the software:

  • Product sources: The software pulls out data from AliExpress and Banggood to help you discover products you can sell and make big money in your e-commerce store.
  • Product information: Get access to a wealth of information on each data including the total number of orders, the date the product was added, price, number of reviews, and more.
  • Product database: Access to a huge database of awesome products from AliExpress and Banggood.
  • Advanced product filters: Use AliShark’s advanced filter options to narrow down the product catalog and find excellent products to sell and make money.
    Products video generator: Use the newly launched Product Video Generator to create amazing video ads to promote your products on social media and other platforms.

What I Don’t Like About AliShark

  • You cannot spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads.
  • You can only contact customer support via email.
  • Lack of sufficient self-help tutorials and resources.

Price: AliShark pricing plans start at $20 per month.


How To Choose The Right AliExpress Product Research Software

There are hundreds of product research tools out there. However, not all can help you get your e-commerce business off on the right foot.

Below are some of the useful features you should look out for when choosing a product discovery platform.

Step 1: Searchable Product Database

If you sell hundreds of products online, you need software that has a huge searchable database. This will help you to explore multiple products and options before choosing what to sell in your e-commerce business.

Step 2: Product Import

Once you have searched and discovered winning products on AliExpress and other popular marketplaces, the software should help you import them directly to your online store without a problem.

Step 3: Inventory management integration

Your dropshipping product research system should integrate well with other platforms. This will help you to research products on different platforms including AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and many others.

Step 4: Listing Management

The software should enable you to download product information, images, edit descriptions and publish product listings in bulk.

Step 5: Inventory Automation

The product research solution should simplify inventory management by auto-synchronizing your inventory with the stock available in your suppliers.

Step 6: Pricing Automation

The tool should allow you to create pricing markup rules so you can set maximum and minimum price limits automatically in your store.

Step 7: Customer Support

Trust me, in the process of using the software, you’re going to hit a snag. When this happens, you need to get support either via email, live chat, phone, or other means.

Final Thoughts

Which is the best AliExpress product research tool for you?

Finding winning products for dropshipping can be time-consuming and a tough task without the right software.

If you’re looking for product research and niche scraping software solutions then FindNiche, AliShark, Sell The Trend, Niche Scraper, AliExtractor, and Thieve.co would make the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly product research tool then try Ali Insider or use AliExpress Dropshipping Center for FREE.

If you’re not using product research solutions, your competitors are using them. Choose one or a combination of these 10 best AliExpress product research tools to outshine your competitors and increase sales for your dropshipping business.

Of all the tools I have reviewed here, I recommend Ali Inspector for it comes with amazing features such as a new and improved best sellers tool, new image, and description bulk downloader, import unlimited products and reviews to your Shopify, and WooCommerce store, and many others.

You also pay a one-time price of $47 and use the tool for the rest of your life.

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