What is PLR License? Explained for Beginners

PLR products help you get started in content creation without putting in too much effort. With the license, you can edit, change, modify and sell the products.

A PLR license gives the buyer editing rights. The PLR rights are defined by the content owner. Therefore, make sure that you ask the content owner for the terms.

There are different types of PLR licenses. We’ll have an in-depth look at each later in this guide.

Let’s get started!

What is A PLR license?

A PLR or private label right is a license that allows the content owner to sell the intellectual rights of their work. Examples of PLR products are ebooks, videos, newsletters, articles, blogs, email, and reports.

The content owner defines the terms of the PLR license. It gives the buyer the right to edit, change, and resell the products. In addition, the buyer has the right to claim authorship of the product. The benefit of PLR products is that you can make a profit out of them.

Types Of PLR Licenses

Private label rights licenses are of different types. So, before you make changes to the content, ensure that you check and understand the seller’s terms.

The PLR licenses vary depending on the terms. The most popular types of PLR rights are:

  • Private Label Rights (PLR)
  • Resell Rights (RR)
  • Master Resell Rights (MRR)
  • Personal Use Rights
  • Giveaway Rights

To help you have a deeper understanding, let’s have a look at each. We’ll also list the pros and cons.

1. Private Label Rights

As mentioned earlier, a PLR license allows the buyer to edit, change and claim authorship for the content. That is, you have the right to edit content.

The content seller or author defines the terms of how the buyer can modify the content. A PLR license is available for ebooks, reports, blogs, articles, emails, graphics, software, and videos.

As a webmaster or content creator, you can obtain PLR content and modify it with your preference.


  • You can edit the content, claim authorship and resell it.
  • As a buyer, you have the right to use the content for your brand or personal use.
  • It saves you time that you would have spent creating new content from scratch.
  • You can use the content on groups such as paid membership forums.
  • The buyer can modify the graphics.
  • As the buyer, you have the right to change the sales letter.
  • You can change the main product according to your preference.


  • Some individuals give out PLR content for free, resulting in poor quality and styles.
  • PLR content is accessible from free membership forums.
  • PLR products can be hard to sell.
  • PLR content lacks uniqueness.

You cannot claim product copyright.

2. Master Resell Rights

The various PLR licenses vary with the terms. The Master resell rights (MRR) is different from a PLR license. That is, it allows the buyer to resell the product but cannot make changes.

You do not have the right to modify the product in any way or even claim authorship. For example, if you’re buying an MRR ebook, you cannot rebrand it or make changes.

Hence, you can only use the product for personal use. Once you purchase an MRR product, make sure that you read the rights carefully to understand what you can or cannot do with it.


  • You’re free to resell an MRR product.
  • You can use MRR products for personal use. For example, you can use an article on your website.
  • You are free to resell MRR products several times.
  • You can resell the product to another buyer who can resell the product with the resell rights.
  • You can include MRR products on your membership websites.
  • You can create new information from MRR content.
  • Resell rights can be passed on to other sellers.
  • You can share the MRR content for free.


  • You cannot claim ownership of an MRR product.
  • A buyer cannot edit MRR products.

3. Resell Rights

Resell Rights (RR)share some similarities with the MRR products. The buyer cannot modify or rebrand resell rights content. You can use RR products to create and research your personal content or make sales.

The buyer can resell the RR products but cannot sell the resell license. So, if you’re using resell rights content, you cannot edit or rebrand it.


  • You keep the profits you make from selling RR products.
  • As a buyer, you have the right to resell the product.
  • You can use the resell rights products or content for personal use.
  • Resell rights products are available on PLR websites.


  • The RR content does not include editable files.
  • You cannot edit RR content.
  • The buyer cannot rebrand RR products or content.
  • You cannot sell the resell license to other buyers.
  • You cannot claim authorship of RR products.
  • You can give away the content for free.

4. Personal Use Rights

You cannot sell personal use products or content. It means that you only use the products but cannot make money out of them. Hence, if you’re looking to make extra money with such products, you should consider other licenses like PLR or MRR.


  • The buyer can only use the content or product for personal reasons like learning.


  • You cannot sell personal use products or content.

What Is The Difference Between MRR, PLR, and RR?

PLR, MRR, and RR are types of licenses that give buyers specific rights to products. A similarity with the three is that you can earn profit by reselling products.

However, they all differ in their terms. Let’s have a look at each:

Master resell rights

Master label rights allow you to resell the product, meaning that you can make some money from it. However, you cannot resell the editable files. You cannot modify or change the product or claim authorship.

Private label rights

Private label rights allow buyers to edit, modify and claim authorship for the content. For instance, if you buy a PLR ebook, you can edit and resell it to other buyers. However, you cannot claim copyright to the product. You can sell the MRR or RR license of the product.

Resell rights

Resell rights products are similar to MRR. That is, you do not have the right to modify or make changes. Once you buy the product, you can sell it to other customers. The customers cannot resell it. You cannot sell the resell license.

Where to Find Quality PLR Products?

Instead of struggling with content creation, you can buy PLR content and modify it to your brand preference. However, it is not easy to identify sites with quality content that you can edit.

The best online sites to buy PLR products are:

1. Plr.me

Plr.me is the best online site to get high-quality PLR products. It saves you from writing content from scratch. If you’re a coach or a health professional, there are over 15,561 resources to get content.


The PLR products are very affordable. It will cost you $0.40 for every download. Whether you’re looking for a worksheet, coaching material, articles, or products, the plr.me site has got you covered.

To use the site, you have to create an account. The PLR content is fully editable. After downloading it, you can brand it as your own.


2. BigProductStore

BigProductStore has more than 10,000 PLR products.


Each product has a different license agreement. Therefore, you have to understand the license terms before making any edits. Besides PLR, other product licenses are MRR, RR, personal use, and giveaway rights.




Members register for free on the site. IDPLR has free products to use like ebooks, articles, software, and templates.  The products have different licenses. For instance, a product can be labeled as PLR, free to use, MRR, etc.

4. HealthandWellnessPlr


The site has PLR content for bloggers, internet marketers, and coaches with the health niche. The products have the PLR license only. The buyer is prohibited from reselling the PLR license in any format like RR, MRR, or personal use.


5. MasterPLR


If you’re in the health niche and you need help creating content, MasterPlr offers PLR products. The products have PLR licenses only. Before you make any changes or sell the products, ensure you understand the product terms.


How To Identify PLR Rights

Before you modify or change a PLR product, you need to know the vendor’s terms beforehand. So, how will you know the right of a PLR?

  • Ask the vendor for the PLR rights.
  • Check for the do’s and don’ts from the vendor websites like plr.me.
  • Check the type of license from the product.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for online sources of income, you can start selling PLR products. As a content creator, you do not have to go through the hustle of creating content.

PLR products save you time when creating content. Ensure that you edit the content to avoid having duplicates, which can affect your visibility online.

With online sites like plr.me and IDPLR, you can access high-quality content that you can edit, modify, rebrand, and sell.

However, before you start using the PR products, make sure you understand the different licenses and the terms of each.

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