9 Best Expired Domain Finder 2023 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best expired domain checker to find quality expired domains?

Whether you want to build a powerful private blog network, resell domain names or build out a new authority site, buying expired domains is a good idea.

But here is the challenge:

With millions of domains expiring every year, how do you find the expired domain with an awesome backlink profile and existing targeted traffic?

That’s where you need the best expired domain software.

In this article, we’re going to review the best expired domain checkers available on the market today.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is the Best Expired Domain Finder?

Here is a quick summary of the best expired domain finder platforms available on the market today.

  • ExpiredDomains.net: Best Free Expired Domain Name Search Engine.
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer: Best Expired Domain Checker Tool With Advanced Search Tools.
  • PBN Lab: Fully-Featured Domain Crawler For SEO Agencies.
  • Register Compass: Powerful Expired Domain Name Search Engine.
  • SpamZilla: Best Expired Domain Checker Platform To Find Niche Relevant Domains.
  • DomCop: Expired Domain Search Tool With Advanced Filter Metrics.
  • ScrapeBox: Expired Domain Premium Plugin. Find Domains From High Authority Sites Like CNN, Wikipedia, New York Times, and More
  • SnapNames: Expired Domain Searcher For Buyback Offers.
  • NameJet: Premier Marketplace For Expired Domains.

The 9 Best Expired Domain Search Platforms

Below is an in-depth look into each domain finder software for expired domains.

Remember that each software is slightly different with unique features and abilities so read over every item to decide which one is best for your domain search work.

1. ExpiredDomains.net

Are you interested in buying expired domains? If so then ExpiredDomains.net is the platform to check out for.


  • Unique feature: Over 492 TLDs supported.
  • Free Trial: Free forever
  • Lifetime Plan: Free forever
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Free forever

What is ExpiredDomains.net?

Tons of domains expire daily. However, how to distinguish between valuable expired domains and poor-quality ones is where the challenge is.


That’s where you need the best expired domain finder like ExpiredDomains.net.

ExpiredDomains.net is a free expired domain finder as well as marketplace to find quick information on expired, dropped, and deleted domains. The platform allows you to backorder domains that are pending delete as well.

The best thing about this website is that it enables you to search through thousands of expired domains depending on the extension you want before they are made available to the public.

Besides, the domain checker offers use Metrics like domain authority, page authority, trust, and many others to help you discover quality expired domains.

What’s more, the expired domain finder comes with a straightforward, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for everyone.

The search engine also supports over 492 TLDs including .org, .com, .net as well as new gTLDs like .club, .xyz, and more.

Top ExpiredDomains.net Features

  • Expired domains: Discover a wealth of information about quality expired domains that are pending delete that you can backorder.
  • Dropped domains: Aside from expired domains, you can also discover lists of dropped domains with SEO relevant data, birth date, number of backlinks, and more.
  • Watchlist: Keep track of expired domains immediately after they are dropped.
  • Custom filters: Search domains using custom filters like domain extension, existing links, type, country codes, and more.
  • Domain name search: Search all domain lists at once.
  • 492 TLDs supported: Supports classic gTLDs such as .org, .com, .net, new gTLDs like .club and .xyz.
  • Saved searches: Save your searches to reuse them later.

Pricing: ExpiredDomains.net is a free expired domain finder site.

2. Domain Hunter Gatherer

If you’re looking for an expired domain finder tool to find unlimited brandable domains from the most popular domain auction sites like Flippa, GoDaddy, and others then try Domain Hunter Gatherer.


  • Unique feature: Expired Domains Hunter(craw authority websites)
  • Free Trial: Free domain auction hunting
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 7 days

What is Domain Hunter Gatherer?

Finding quality expired domains can be difficult, challenging, and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tool.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is one of the best marketplaces to find and buy unlimited, high-quality expired domains that already have amazing backlink profiles and targeted traffic in real-time.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

The website provides all the essential metrics such as backlink profile, Majestic, and Moz to help you assess the quality of the domain name.

The best thing about this domain checker is that it automates the whole process for you.

The tool comes with advanced domain name search functions that enable you to browse through the major domain auction sites at once to find the latest and most important domains that are relevant to your niche.

With this expired domain name search tool, you can:

  • Discover unlimited high-quality expired domains.
  • Craw high authority websites.
  • Find domains using keywords
  • Discover domains in any niche.

Top Domain Hunter Gatherer Features

Here are the outstanding features of the expired domain finder:

  • Expired web 2.0 hunter: Find expired aged accounts from any of the major Web2.0 and blog websites.
  • eBooks and tutorials: Get user guides for each activity so you don’t struggle to find expired domains
  • Domain auction hunter: Discover unlimited and powerful brandable domains from all major auction websites.
  • Search with keywords: Discover unlimited decent, expired domains in any niche by entering a keyword.
  • Craw authority websites: Crawl any authority website to find expired domains you want.
  • Exclusive deals: Domain registration, web hosting, proxy services, and webmaster services

Pricing: Domain Hunter Gatherer pricing starts at $27 per month.

3. PBN Lab

Are you an SEO agency looking for quality expired domains with highly targeted traffic for your money sites backlink? If so then PBN Lab is for you.


  • Unique feature: Premium private proxies
  • Free Trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 7 days, or before your first 1,000 domains have been processed

What is PBN Lab?

PBN Lab is a feature-rich, cloud-based domain crawler that supports over 1200 domains.


The platform allows you to search for expired domains manually or by entering specific keywords. Just choose your search option and the tool will list tens of thousands of expired domains in minutes. You can also sort domains using filters such as domain name, extensions, TLD, other metrics.

The domain crawling service also verifies site quality, the authenticity of the site links, and other factors to provide you with quality expired domains.

The intuitive interface makes the domain crawler easy to use for both experienced and non-experienced users.

Top PBN Lab Features

Let’s take a look at the noteworthy features of the domain crawling service.

  • In-depth crawl results: Quickly find results, filter, and sort by domain name, TLD, or any other metrics.
  • Easy domain crawling: Search for quality expired domains manually or by entering niche-specific keywords and get results in minutes.
  • Domain metrics: The tool delivers results based on domain metrics such as Majestic Citation Flow, Topical Trust Flow, backlinks count, Moz domain authority, page authority, referring IP, and more.
  • Distributed crawling function: Run multiple domain searches without a hitch.
  • Premium private proxies: Get perfect privacy and great crawl results.

Pricing: PBN Lab pricing starts at $38 per month

4. Register Compass

Are you interested in buying expiring, expired, and auction domains? If so then look no further than RegisterCompass


  • Unique feature: Domain toolbox
  • Free trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: $999/Forever
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

What is Register Compass?

Register Compass is a powerful domain name search engine where you can find hundreds of thousands of expiring domains, millions of expired and auction domains. The platform allows you to discover domains with powerful SEO metrics such as authority, backlinks, targeted traffic, and much more.

Register Compass

The simple straightforward user interface makes it easy for users to find domains they are interested in buying without a hassle. This also makes it the favorite expired domain finder tool for users out there.

You can also filter domains in various ways to find the best expired domains you can resell or boost up your website ranking on search engines.

The software also provides domains with accurate metrics information like Alexa Rank, Moz Domain and Page Authority, Moz rank, Google page rank, SEMrush Metrics, and more.

What’s great about this platform is that it’s constantly updated with data to give you accurate search results. Besides, you can also search millions of domains using custom keywords based on your industry. The website also lets you save search filters so that you can use them in your future searches.

Top Register Compass Features

  • Custom domain search filter options: Highly advanced search metrics to customize the way you conduct your searches.
  • Domain toolbox: Mark/unmark viewed domains, add personal notes to a domain, update all values of a domain, monitor a domain, compare traffic, and more.
  • Search and export domain: Export /download your domain results via email in different formats such as CSV and MS Excel to look at them later. Each export contains up to 25k different results.
  • Mail reports and alerts: Receive regular search results into your email inbox depending on the frequency you specify.

Pricing: Register Compass pricing starts at $37 per month.

5. SpamZilla

As an online marketer, webmaster, content creator, or SEO professional, finding niche relevant domains can be challenging. Thankfully, SpamZilla enables you to find and buy powerful expired domains with great backlinks.


  • Unique feature: Expired domain spam detection
  • Free trial: Free for only 25 domains
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None

What is SpamZilla?

With millions of domains- over 350,000 added daily, SpamZilla is undoubtedly the most powerful tool that helps you discover high-quality expired domains with great SEO value.


All the expired domains listed on this platform are safe, secure, and reliable to use. Additionally, the modern and simple user-friendly interface enables you to quickly review tons of valuable data.

What makes SpamZilla outshine other expired domain finders is the tons of data it provides for each domain. For instance, the platform provides ranking keywords, Google Index, website history, anchor texts, backlinks, and many other metrics. Call it an all-in-one expired domain checker tool!

Another beautiful thing about this site is that it provides various domain sources such as pending delete, prelease, auction, ccTLD domains, and more.

Top SpamZilla Features

  • Expired domain spam detection: The platform reviews multiple data points including historic data and backlink data to provide clean and spam-free domains with powerful backlinks.
  • Backlink miner: Review a domain’s best backlinks.
  • Over 80 advanced filters: Create your own expired domain lists to sort through mountains of domains and find those with the highest Domain Authority or Trust Flow.
  • SEO toolkit: Amazing SEO tools to allow you to review an expired domain’s authority, and metrics to choose the best domain for you.

Pricing: SpamZilla pricing start at $37 per month.

6. DomCop

Are you interested in buying expired domains with great backlinks? If so then keep reading.


  • Unique feature: Expired domain statistics
  • Free trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 2 days

What is DomCop?

DomCop is yet another handy platform to find expired domains with great SEO value.


The website reviews millions of expired domains from auction websites as well as private and public drop lists each month to provide you with the highest-quality domains you can purchase and use as you wish.

The website runs domains through a series of checks based on over 90 metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, Majestic metrics, domain extension, age, etc.

The extensive filters let you sort through hundreds of thousands of domains to remain with only the highest quality and most relevant expired domains.

The tool also checks SEO spam and whether the domain shows up on Google search. It goes a step further to check whether the domain has ever had a Google ban to ensure you get a safe and clean domain.

Top DomCop Features

  • Advanced filters and sorting: Powerful filtering and sorting function to help you discover the best domains fast.
  • Over 90 top industry metrics: Easily discover domains with the help of valuable metrics from SEMrush, Social Networks, Moz, Domain Scope, Alexa, Majestic, and others.
  • Domain crawlers: Scrape websites in bulk to discover available domains that you can register and have quality backlinks.

Pricing: DomCop pricing start at $540 per year.

7. ScrapeBox

Are you looking for a tool to find expired domains with backlinks from high authority sites like New York Times, CNN, Wikipedia, Huffingtonpost, BBC, and others? If so then try ScrapeBox.


  • Unique feature: Expired domain finder plugin
  • Free trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: $97
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None

What is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox is a web scraping tool with many uses. For instance, it enables users to collect data from the web, harvest URLs, verify backlinks, scrap emails, and keywords from web pages, and post mass comments to increase their online presence.


It’s also one of the most important SEO tools and expired domain finder plugin that enables users to find domains from high authority sites like CNN, Wikipedia, New York Times, and many others.

The tool crawls and crawls websites and URL lists to extract high-value domains.

The tool then checks whether the extracted domains are available for registration by reviewing multiple metrics like DMOZ, social media shares, Moz, Alexa, and others.
You can also filter the extracted domains so that you only get those that match your search criteria.

Top ScrapeBox Features

Here are the outstanding features of the service:

  • Keyword filters: Apply filter options to the source site or the expired domains to get exactly the domains you want.
  • Metrics filters: Use metrics like Moz Domain Authority, Facebook likes and shares, Moz Rank, Alexa, and many others to get high-quality expired domains.
  • Plugin options: Save your found expired domains together with their metrics to check to assess them with filters and do away with domains with low metrics.
  • Export options: Export your found expired domains with metrics you need and keywords you’re looking for as plain text, or as.csv and .xlxs files.
  • Expired domain tutorial: Watch the platform’s video tutorial to understand how it works.

Pricing: ScrapeBox pricing is $97 for life.

8. SnapNames

What if you could get a tool that helps you find already taken and expired domains? That’s exactly what SnapNames can do for you.


  • Unique feature: Domain brokerage
  • Free trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None

What is SnapNames?

Granted, the web is awash with great domain names that are already taken. How can you register an already taken domain? That’s where SnapNames comes in.


SnapNames is the web’s domain name marketplace that partners with domain name registrars worldwide to help users discover the domains they want.

The website has an extensive inventory of aftermarket domain names that you can search through, bid, buy or make an offer on available domains. You can also set up a backorder to take advantage of future listings.

With the help of the intuitive search bar, you can search for specific domains you’re interested in. The platform will even notify you of any domain names that are expected to be listed within the next 30 days.

The good thing is that with the domain backorder service you only pay when the domain name becomes yours.

Top SnapNames Features

  • Domain backorder service: Bid on a domain that’s available, already registered, or about to be auctioned.
  • Auctions: Get hand-picked high-quality, relevant domain names that are listed for special auctions.
  • Domain brokerage: Domain name brokers help to connect interested buyers and the right sellers.

Price: SnapNames price varies depending on the expired domain name you purchase.

9. NameJet

With NameJet, you get exclusive expired domains from the best domain listers in the industry.


  • Unique feature: Hot picks
  • Free trial: None
  • Lifetime Plan: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None

What is NameJet?

The last but not least expired domain finder in our list of the 10 best expired domain finder sites is NameJet.
It’s also another premier aftermarket domain name finder with exclusive inventory where you can get high-quality domains.


The service employs award-winning domain name aftermarket technology to help professionals, business owners, and individuals discover domains names including the recently expired ones.

The website lists top prerelease domain names that you can immediately backorder.

To provide you with only the best domain names, the website offers metrics like Trust and Citation Flow, Page Rank, and many others.

Top NameJet Features

  • Hot picks: Discover hand-picked domains from a hot exclusive inventory. These domains are costly compared to the others but are worth the money.
  • Last chance: Find and grab all the domains that are going to auction very soon.
  • Open auctions: Bid on domains that are closing soon.

Price: Create a free account and only pay when you purchase your desired domain.

How to Choose the Best Expired Domain Finder

Even though there are many expired domain finders out there, finding the best one for you can be tricky because all claim to provide you with the best domains.
Here are a few factors to help you choose the best expired domain finder tool.

User-friendliness: All you need is a domain finder that helps you discover expired domains. For that reason, choose a tool that’s easy to use.

Fully-featured: You also need to ensure that the tool has all the features and functionality to help you find your desired domain.

Accurate metrics: The platform should use the right metrics like Moz, Page Rank, Alexa, and others to help you find quality expired domains.

Over to You!

The best expired domain name finder can help you discover quality expiring, expired, soon to expire, and auction domains that you can use to build your own website, resell or use to increase your rankings.

After reading this article, I hope that you’re now able to choose the best expired domain finder for yourself.

If not, don’t worry. Here are my top recommendations:

If you’re looking for a free and simple-to-use expired domain finder that enables you to find quick information in expired, dropped, and deleted domains, try ExpiredDomains.net. The website uses metrics like domain authority, trust, page authority to list high-quality expired domains.

PBN Lab, Register Compass, DomCop are great options if you want to find expired domains with amazing SEO value.

SpamZilla is ideal for discovering niche relevant expired domains and ScrapeBox can help you find useful domains from high authority sites. SnapNames lets you discover domains with buyback offers.

Good luck!

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