17 Most Frequently Asked Questions About AliExpress Product Research Tools

With over 100 million products and 150+ million customers, AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce marketplace out there.

In this article, we’re going to cover the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about AliExpress product research tools.

So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

1. What is an AliExpress Product Research tool?

An AliExpress product research tool is a website, online platform, application, or software that enables people to find profitable items for sale on the AliExpress marketplace.

The software looks at data including customer engagement, the number of orders, reviews, and more for each particular product then list items that have high demand in the market.

Besides, an AliExpress product research tool enables sellers to find hot-selling products with low competition and healthy profit margins fast.

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2. Why use an AliExpress research tool?

AliExpress is the largest marketplace for drop shippers and e-commerce sellers out there. There are also hundreds of millions of products listed in multiple categories making it more difficult to discover products with huge profit margins without the help of a tool.

With an AliExpress product research solution, you can discover best-selling, trending, about-to-trend, and interesting products to promote on your online store or other marketplaces.

The best thing about AliExpress research tools is that they automate the whole product discovery process so you don’t spend too much time researching for products. You can also find products with low competition and amazing profit margins.

In a nutshell, an AliExpress research tool will help you sort items by order quantity, analyze products based on daily order volume, filter through heaps of products and display the best-selling in minutes and generate a curated list of the hottest and trending items for sale.

You can also discover amazing product ideas and information that could help you decide which products to sell as well.

3. What data do AliExpress research tools provide?

AliExpress product research tools contain a huge consolidated database of items selected by marketing experts based on certain factors including product ratings, monthly sales, total revenue, daily sales, votes, overall sales, and more.

You can use the comprehensive performance data provided by these tools to determine what products to sell on your online store or marketplace.

Some research tools also show more advanced data like links to top suppliers, Shopify stores where you can export your products directly, targeting options, and competitors.

Note that tools that provide more advanced data come with premium features that require you to dig deep into your pockets.

If you’re looking to analyze competition, find top suppliers and target markets or check the rate of saturation of products out there, you can use AliExpress product research software. The tools can also help you discover profitable niches as well.

4. How do AliExpress research tools work?

How AliExpress product research tools work is simple. The tools contain a huge curated database of the best-selling

AliExpress products selected by expert market researchers considering certain factors like customer ratings, reviews, competition, recent sales, overall sales, etc.

Some product research tools come with powerful features that enable you to analyze products on AliExpress by entering the URL of the product. Some tools allow you to import products from one marketplace to another.

With an AliExpress product research tool, you can discover trending products, niche products, and impulse products quickly. Besides, the product discovery process is automated.

5. How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products on AliExpress?

There are multiple ways to find the best dropshipping products on AliExpress.

Here are a few powerful ways recommended by marketing experts:

Method #1: Finding the hot-selling products on AliExpress yourself

You can find products on AliExpress yourself without the help of any tool by looking at the “Recommended for you” section or checking on the “Best-selling” tab.

Method #2: Using the Rabbit hole method

Another method to find hot-selling AliExpress products is by use of the Rabbit hole technique where you click through the product you have discovered using the method above while looking at other recommendations.

This technique can help you discover interesting products as well.

Method #3: The Mordechai technique

This is a funny AliExpress product discovery technique shared by the CEO of Ecomhunt during an interview with Oberlo.

In the interview, Mordechai says that he scrolls down for hours on the marketplace until the AliExpress algorithm gets tired and starts to display products he didn’t search for.

You can watch his interview with Oberlo here. He talks about the method at around the 04.30 and 07.00-minute marks.

Method #4: Get recommendations from dropshipping suppliers

Another way to find profitable products on AliExpress is to ask AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

This product discovery tactic involves asking dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress about products that are trending, new, or yet to be launched soon.

Find AliExpress top sellers selling trending dropshipping items in your niche.

Method #5: Using AliExpress product research tools

This is probably the most effective way to find hot-selling products on the AliExpress marketplace.

All the AliExpress product discovery tactics above can be hard and time-consuming for some sellers. Fortunately, you can easily find amazing items on AliExpress using product research platforms like AliExpress Dropshipping Center, AliExtractor, Ali Inspector, and many others.

The coolest thing is that some of these tools are free so you don’t have to worry about overstretching your budget. Besides, the tools are made specifically for dropshippers looking for awesome and trending products on AliExpress.

With these five amazing tactics, you can discover trending, hot, and best-selling products on AliExpress.

6. What type of AliExpress research tool should I use?

There are dozens of different types of AliExpress research tools out there. Some tools have a consolidated database of selected AliExpress items by expert marketers while others come with a Chrome extension that lets you analyze AliExpress products with ease.

What type of AliExpress product research tool you should use depends entirely on your preferences.

For instance, some e-commerce sellers prefer tools that contain a curated list of winning products they can just import right away to their online store or other marketplaces.

Some sellers prefer the hands-on approach of using a Chrome extension to analyze each product.

Ali Insider and AliExpress Dropshipping Center come with a selected database or products and a product analyzer feature.

7. Free Vs. Paid – Which AliExpress Tools Best For Me?

The internet is awash with AliExpress product research tools- some are free and others have premium memberships.

Getting a free AliExpress research tool would definitely be a good idea if you’re on a limited budget or you’re just getting started with dropshipping. A free tool will also help you learn a lot of things before you upgrade to the premium ones.

However, free tools come with their own limitations. Some tools lack advanced features that can help you explore your product research process in-depth.

On the other hand, premium AliExpress research tools come with a price tag hence if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, you’d find it difficult to purchase their plans.

Overall, it all boils down to your preferences. Of course, if you just want a tool that enables you to discover hot-selling items on AliExpress, a free tool would be enough for you. If you want to get more advanced data on the tools you intend to sell then go for a premium solution.

8. Which is the Best AliExpress Product Research Tool?

Finding best-selling items on AliExpress has never been easy without the right tool. However, the internet is chock-full of dropshipping product research tools and apps that claim to be powerful and efficient in their own ways.

Choosing the best AliExpress product research tool can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

Ali Inspector is pants down one of the best AliExpress product discovery and research apps out there followed by AliExtractor and AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

9. What is the best free AliExpress research tool?

Most product research tools are premium with some form of the free version that allows you to discover a specified number of amazing AliExpress items for sale.

That means that you can discover a handful of top-selling products and make money without spending a dime.
What if you don’t have the budget to upgrade to premium membership once your trial period expires?

That’s where a free research tool becomes helpful. The good news is that there are many product research apps that are free forever.

AliExpress Dropship Center is one of the completely free tools provided by AliExpress to enable e-commerce sellers to find popular products and analyze sales data as well as performance analytics on the marketplace.

Ecomhunt is also another AliExpress product research software that comes with a free version that allows access to all winning products although with very limited features plus slow access to new products.

Commerce Inspector offers a free Chrome extension that allows you access to all-time best sellers and recent product launches whereas

DropshipMe comes with a free version that lets you discover over 50k top-selling products, most trusted suppliers, real customers reviews, and up to 50 product imports.

10. Ali Inspector vs. Zik Analytics: Which Tool is Better?

To determine the best tool out of the two, let’s take a look at what each one offers:

First off, Ali Inspector is a dropshipping tool that integrates seamlessly with the AliExpress marketplace.
The platform is specifically designed to help you find highly profitable and in-demand products on AliExpress.

With Ali Inspector, you can discover the most popular items that can generate high ROI for your business. Besides, new products are handpicked and added to the database manually every day by marketing experts.

The tool also provides you with detailed information about any product including ads used by your competitors, the reason the product is trending, etc.

Lastly, Ali Inspector is an all-in-one platform that comes with a keyword research tool, best sellers tool, product research tool, built-in AliExpress product link scrapper, and a sales analyzer tool.

Zik Analytics, on the other hand, is a powerful tool for eBay and Amazon dropshipping. The tool can also help you find hot-selling AliExpress items.

The software helps you find profitable products to sell on your online store and you can rank products listed on your site to outrank your competitors.
If you’re looking for a tool that lets you discover on-demand items with high-profit margins then try Zik Analytics.

Having used all these tools and from our in-depth research, Ali Inspector is pants down, the best product research tool for e-commerce sellers.

11. What is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center otherwise known as AliExpress Booster Program is the most reliable and accurate free product research solution made by AliExpress to help e-commerce sellers find and analyze products easily on the AliExpress marketplace.

With this tool, you can discover reliable real-time data for any item such as ratings, seller performance, daily sales, overall sales, etc.

You can also explore and filter a database of over 2500 of the most popular products on AliExpress and order the results by free shipping, time, product video, dropship price, and ePacket availability.

Plus you can filter products right inside the platform based on recently added, rating, order growth rate, price, and more.

The most amazing thing about this tool is that it comes with two useful tools.

The product research tool includes three more tools, another tool allows you to see the number of sales generated by a product of an AliExpress supplier.

12. How do you see what’s trending on AliExpress?

Finding trending products on AliExpress is one of the best ways to make more sales. The good news is that with the right kind of search tool and software, the whole process becomes simple.

Sell The Trend is one of the amazing apps for this work. You can also use AliExpress Dropshipping Center to discover trending items.

The “AliExpress Best Sellers” section on the AliExpress marketplace can also be a handy tool for discovering trending items. This is where you can get suggestions based on your browsing history.

Google Trends is also a useful tool to find the best AliExpress items for dropshipping. This tool can show you patterns based on the time frame you enter. From the patterns, you can tell when a product will be trending.

13. Can I Research AliExpress Product Without Any Software?

If you’re currently doing product research for your dropshipping store on AliExpress or you’re planning to do that in the future and are wondering how to find best-selling, hot, trending, or winning products to sell without any software, then refer to the four amazing methods we discussed above.

14. How To download videos from AliExpress?

How do I download pictures and videos from AliExpress is one of the most frequently asked questions by ecommerce sellers wanting to use photos or post videos they take out of the AliExpress marketplace.

How to download videos from AliExpress is super simple. You can do that with the following methods:

How to download videos from AliExpress with free Google Chrome extension

Here, you will need to add the Video Download Plus or the AliSave Plus Chrome extensions.

  • Once you download any of these extensions and added to Chrome, they will attach themselves to your browser at the top right corner. You can enable and disable by clicking the three dots at the top right corner in your browser then go to “More tools” and click on “Extensions.
  • Navigate to the AliExpress product page where you want to download the video then launch the extension.
  • The videos on the page will be listed with an MP4 icon.
  • Once you click on the red icon, you will be redirected to a new page. Right-click the video and click on “save video as”, choose the location where to save it, and name the video.

That’s it. You can now upload the video to your online store.

How to download videos from AliExpress using the source code

Another alternative way to download Videos from AliExpress is by using the source code.

  • Right-click on the video from the AliExpress product page and click “inspect”
  • You will see the HTML code of the web page on the right-hand side of your browser. Ensure you’re on the “Elements” tab of the source code page.
  • Locate the .mp4 file in the source code or type .mp4 in the input field.
  • The link with the mp4 file will be highlighted. Click on it. You can also copy and paste the link to your web browser.
  • Once you click on the link or copy and paste it to your browser, you will be redirected to a black page with the video on autoplay. Right-click on the video on autoplay and select “Save video as” then select the location to save your video and name it as you want.

15. How do you Download photos from AliExpress?

There are three ways how to download high-quality AliExpress product images:

How to download AliExpress images using a Chrome extension

  • Download the Easy AliExpress Image Downloader and click Add to Chrome.
  • Click Add extension to accept the installation.
  • Go to the AliExpress product page where you want to download the image.
  • You will see a blue circle button at the top of the catalog section. Click on it to download the image.
  • You can also do the same if you’re using Firefox.

How to download AliExpress images by visiting the mobile version

  • Open the AliExpress product page and edit the URL by replacing www with The m will switch the browser to the mobile version.
  • From there, you can save the image you want by right-clicking then choosing “Save image as” and selecting the location to download the image to your device.

16. Can I import products using an AliExpress research tool?

Yes. Most of the AliExpress product research solutions like Niche Scraper, Ali Insider, AliExtractor, and others come with features that allow you to import products to your online store or other marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, and others.

Not all tools come with the option to import products though. However, you can use a third-party dropshipping tool for that purpose.

17. Do AliExpress research tools monitor stock and prices?

As the name suggests, AliExpress product research tools are purposely made to help e-commerce sellers discover the best items on AliExpress to sell on their online stores.

Most of the AliExpress research tools come with features that let you analyze items based on prices, sales, competition, and many others but don’t offer features that monitor stock and prices.

Final Thoughts

AliExpress product research tools are useful for effortless and effective product discovery and analysis.
The tools come in different types from spy tools to handpicked databases as well as product scrapers. You can also try most of the tools using the free version before investing in a platform.

We hope we’ve answered your burning questions.

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