Vs IDPLR – Which is Best?

Are you planning to purchase private label rights products but you aren’t sure which website to use between vs IDPLR? If so then this article will help you make an informed choice. 

Privately label rights products help you save time and resources since you can purchase products so you don’t have to create everything by yourself from scratch.

These are products that you can modify, resell, claim authorship or do whatever you want with the products. You don’t need to create everything from scratch.

The tricky part is in finding a website where you can get done-for-you content like eBooks, articles, videos, audiobooks, graphics, and many more with PLR licenses.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look into and IDPLR to help you determine where to download quality info products.

Let’s get started.

What is is the industry-leading private label rights website founded in 2008 to provide quality digital products.

Currently, the website offers a wide range of PLR content in different niches such as action guides, reports and eBooks, articles and blog posts, brandable coaching programs, and many more.

The website is updated constantly with fresh quality products.


What is IDPLR?

IDPLR is a renowned PLR membership website that was established the same year as 2008.


The platform offers a wide range of PLR products such as eBooks, templates, videos, music, courses, and other bonuses such as 3De eBook cover software, 10GB web hosting web-space, etc. with different licenses.

Must mention that the products offered on this platform can’t match the quality you get on


What’s The Difference Between Vs IDPLR?

Even though the two are the largest private label rights products providers out there, there are some key differences between them that make better than IDPLR.

Of course, they all focus on providing tons of done-for-you digital products in different niches but I recommend as I have been using the website for quite some time now and I can swear by the quality of the products you get there.

Here are the key differences between and IDPLR:

Platform Types is the leading PLR membership site and product store that provides quality done-for-you content and handy PLR tools for health and wellness professionals like therapists, life coaches, doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and more.

Inside the website, you will get valuable PLR content like presentations, workshops, eBooks, and tons of other products on a wide range of topics.

The website currently offers over 16470 PLR products that come with written source files thus you can easily edit, modify, rebrand, or claim ownership. The website offers both pay-as-you-go, monthly, and annual pricing plans.

IDPLR is also a PLR membership site boasting over 12,590 different digital products.

Unlike which allows users to purchase products individually, IDPLR membership access and unlimited plan. You can choose a monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership.

Besides, IDPLR is a bit more limited than in terms of what or how you can do with the products.

Product Types

Both and IDPLR are premium membership websites with tens of thousands of digital products you can purchase and use as you wish.

In this section, I’m going to talk about a few types of products you can download from each platform.
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What’s types of products are delivered on 


Currently, delivers tens of thousands of PLR products listed in different categories as below:

  • Articles & Blog Posts: The website has over 5,695 PLR articles and blog posts that are listed with detailed descriptions to help you know exactly what you get once you download. The articles and blog posts are written by an in-house team of native English speakers so you don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling, and other errors.
  • Reports & eBooks: There are also over 257 quality reports and eBooks. Most of the eBooks are long- approximately 20 to 60 pages. I have used most of the eBooks from this website to create other useful content for my website and my clients. The reports and eBooks come in different formats such as PDF, JPG files, and DOC so you can do whatever you want with them.
  • Action Guides, Handouts & Lead Magnets: You also get over 990 action guides, coaching handouts & lead magnets covering different topics such as relationships, making money online, dating, and more.
  • Affirmation Reflections: As a member, you gain access to over 4,924 professionally written and designed affirmation reflections in multiple niches.
  • Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops: Last but not least, the website also offers over 10 white label courses, coaching programs & workshops covering different topics such as self-improvement, wealth, relationships, etc.

Other types of products listed on the website include checklists, slide deck presentations, sales pages, email sequences, learning resources, and handy tools to help you know how to make the most out of PLR products.

Let’s see the types of products offered on IDPLR.


What’s included in IDPLR

When you join the IDPLR membership, you gain access to over 12,590 PLR products covering different topics. More on the niches later.


Let’s take a look at a few of the listed products.

  • eBooks: Inside the membership are 6315 plus eBooks with different licensing types covering different niches. If you’re in the technology industry then I wouldn’t recommend using eBooks from this site because most of them are outdated. The eBooks come in both PDF and Microsoft Word format thus you can edit or use them as-is.
  • Templates: You also gain access to over 1,219 pre-made templates including WordPress themes, squeeze pages, sales letters, landing pages, etc. If you want to create niche sites you can take advantage of some of these templates. I have never used any of these templates because I like creating my own pages from scratch.
  • Articles: When you purchase the IDPLR Gold membership, you gain access to 200k+ PLR articles for free you can use them for different purposes. I have downloaded a couple of these articles and I can’t recommend anyone to use them on their blogs or clients’ websites unless for content ideas since they aren’t high quality. You can purchase professionally written articles on
  • Member’s PLR Training: To help you understand how to use the PLR products on their website correctly, IDPLR offers a ton of tutorials and training videos as well.

You can also download other products such as graphics, software, music, videos, and many others from this website.

Niche Covered

Both membership websites deliver tens of thousands of digital products covering different topics. Let’s see what niches are covered in and IDPLR:

Select Your Niche is a very diversified PLR website in terms of the niches covered.

Currently, the website covers different niches such as dating & relationships, weight loss & fitness, business & marketing, parenting & family, career & job, motivation & passion, anxiety, depression, and many others.

IDPLR on the other hand?


IDPLR is also diversified but not as

The products listed on the website cover different topics such as health & diseases, dating & relationships, business & marketing, fitness & training, parenting & family, web & development, parenting & family, beauty & fashion, sports & outdoors, and many more.

Licensing Rights Available offers only one type of licensing right- Private Label Rights.

This allows you to modify, rebrand, change, repurpose, and use the content as you wish. You can also package the products with other products or give them away to your audience for free.

IDPLR, on the other hand, offers a wide range of products with different licensing rights such as Resell Rights, Personal Use Only Rights, Private Label Rights, and Master Resell Rights.

You can find out the type of license the products has by looking at the description before you download it.

Any Free Membership Option?

Free Offer

Generally, focuses on providing quality products so there are no free options. However, when you join as a free member, you get 2 free credits each month that you can use to download two products.

You can also use this special link to get 10 free credits that you can use to download up to 10 high-quality products in different categories.

IDPLR, on the other hand, has a free membership option that gives you access to 200 products and basic training 

Training Program/Bonus

Training Program

Both and IDPLR have some handy training and bonuses.

Inside, you will find plenty of white label courses, coaching programs & workshops covering different topics.
The courses come in bundles and are divided into multiple modules with customizable lessons, quizzes, checklists, etc.

Must also mention that the courses are created in different formats such as PDF, JPG, DOCX, etc. thus you can customize and rebrand them as you want.

IDPLR also offers handy bonuses and useful tools to help you use the products correctly. For instance, the 3D eBook cover creator helps you create stunning e-covers for membership cards, eBooks, and other items.

Other bonuses include plugins, free web hosting, and video series with plenty of tutorials to show you how to use PLR products appropriately.


Customer Support offers efficient customer support to members.

For instance, if you encounter any problem, you can use the Live Chat feature to quickly speak with a representative.
The good thing is that the customer support reps are well-trained. You can also call using the available number or send an email with your question or concern.

IDPLR’s customer support is wanting. If you have a question or concern, you can only submit a ticket or contact them through the support center.

I tried submitting a ticket and it took forever to get a response so I don’t recommend IDPLR’s customer support.

User Rating

User-Rating has some awesome ratings on Facebook. Based on the opinion of 71 people, the website is rated 4.9 out of 5.
These are genuine people who have used the website.

IDPLR, on the other hand, has lots of bad comments on Trustpilot.


Unlike other PLR websites, allows you to purchase products using credits.

The website currently offers two pricing options: Pay-as-you-go and Monthly or Annual membership plans.

If you plan to use, I’d recommend using their monthly or annual plans because that would be cheaper than using the Pay-as-you-go option.

Here is the overview of the pricing options on

Visit the pricing page to learn more about their pricing plans.


IDPLR also offers different pricing plans: Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime plans.

Here is an overview of their pricing options:


Even though IDPLR has a free membership option, most of the products listed there are lower quality.

Which PLR Website is Best for You?

Now that we have come to the end of this article, is worth it?

If you plan to grow your online business through digital marketing then you probably understand the importance of creating quality content for your audience.

Since focuses on creating quality PLR content, you rest assured your audience will love what you do.

Is IDPLR worth the investment?

If you plan to use PLR products for a long period then IDPLR can help you.

However, having purchased and downloaded the free products from this website, I don’t think you can get products with quality that matches that of

My recommendation: Having used the two platforms, I found to be the best website PLR websites because they not only provide high-quality products but you also get some handy training videos to learn how to use PLR products correctly.

IDPLR is also a good option if you want to purchase PLR products in bulk or plan to use the products for a long time due to the lifetime membership.

The only downside with this website is that most of the products are lower quality and some are even outdated.

Click this special link to get 10 FREE credits on that you can use to purchase up to 10 high-quality products in different niches.

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