5 Top Udimi Solo Ads Seller in the Health Niche

Are you looking for targeted, quality email traffic for your health & fitness as well as weight loss offers? You’re on the right page.

In this guide, I’m going to review the top five Udimi solo ads sellers that let you sell your products to buyers who are actually interested to buy from you.

As you already know, Udimi is the most trusted and largest solo ads marketplace connecting buyers with sellers in almost all niches including weight loss, health & fitness, and many others including internet marketing, MLM, forex, etc.

Read on to discover solo ads sellers in the health niche.

Why Use Udimi Traffic For Health Solo Ads?

First off, Udimi is the trusted solo ads platform for buying and selling solo ads with warm email lists.

The marketplace has hundreds of solo ads vendors who sell solo ad clicks at varying prices so you can expect to get quality targeted email traffic for your health offers for as low as $0.30 per click.

Another reason to purchase health solo ads from Udimi is that you can get professional help to design your squeeze pages and ad text to increase your opt-in rate at no extra charge on you.

Aside from that, Udimi has powerful features such as seller verification, email list validator, and many others so you rest assured to buy real email clicks from real humans.

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Do Solo Ads Work for Health Niche?

Absolutely yes. Solo ads consist of email traffic that’s looking for instant gratification.

When you purchase solo ads from a seller who has a highly targeted email list, you’re driving traffic that’s actually looking to buy your health products or services.

Generally, the top 3 super niches that work perfectly with solo ads are health & fitness, weight loss,

Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

In this section, I’m going to discuss the best health solo ads sellers on Udimi.

There are hundreds of solo ads vendors on the marketplace and it can be challenging to choose sellers who offer quality solo ads for your specific offers.

That’s why I have rounded up this list to help you make a wise decision.

Let’s dive in.

1. Mike Dirnt

Based out of Thailand, Na Yai Am, Mike Dirnt is one of the top solo ads sellers for the health niche.

As a full-time internet marketer and digital entrepreneur, Mike has used all kinds of strategies to build and grow his email list so you rest assured to get email traffic clicks that convert.

Mike Dirnt_ Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

Currently, his list is 50k+ strong in the health and fitness, diet, and weight loss niches.

This seller isn’t verified yet but has already helped a lot of buyers get sales with his quality solo ads.

Currently, 64% of people who have purchased solo ads from Mike have reported sales. Besides, 16% of the latest 100 buyers have made more than one order.

The seller offers 100% Tier-1 traffic from the United States (79%), Canada (9%), the United Kingdom (8%), Australia (3%), and New Zealand (2%).

If you’re looking for responsive email traffic to increase your opt-in rate and boost the sales on your offer page then Mike is the solo ads seller you should contact.


2. Evi Young

Evi Young is yet another top solo ads seller for the health niche based out of Indonesia, Jakarta offering health, fitness, and weight loss niche list among others.

Evi Young_ Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

The seller promises to offer traffic created using Facebook ads, Bing ads, ClickBank, and other powerful strategies.

21% of people who have purchased solo ads from Evi have already reported great sales with 15% of the recent 100 buyers making repeat orders.

What’s more, the seller adds a fresh list daily including a buyer list. She also promises to over-deliver clicks with fast response and fast delivery.

Currently, the solo ads seller offers 96% traffic from top-tier countries.


3. Kanjana Magkongdee

Unlike the two sellers I have reviewed above, Kanjana is verified on Udimi. This seller offers weight loss, health, and keto email traffic from 100% of Tier 1 countries including the US (83%), Canada (8%), the UK (5%), Australia (2%), and New Zealand (2%).

Kanjana_ Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

The most amazing thing about this email traffic seller is that she constantly adds fresh leads so you rest assured your offers will be exposed to new eyebrows at all times.

Aside from that, 60% of buyers have reported incredible sales with 17% of the latest 100 buyers placing more than one order from the same seller. The seller takes an average of 3 hours to accept new orders.


4. Umar Suwito

Umar Suwito offers high-quality traffic in two separate lists health, weight loss, and make money online.

The seller isn’t verified yet on Udimi but 22% of people who have used her email traffic have reported amazing sales, plus 4% of the recent 100 buyers have ordered traffic more than once.

Umar_ Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

The most outstanding reason why I have featured this seller in this list is that he offers email traffic from 100% Tier-1 countries including the US (90%), Canada (3%), the UK (2%), Australia (1%), New Zealand (1%), and 3% from the rest of the world.

This means that the seller offers traffic that’s ready to spend money on high-quality offers. She also takes approximately 3 hours to accept new orders.

The seller doesn’t offer over delivery but promises mobile/desktop/US-only traffic.


5. Dominykas Gobe

Winding up my list of top five Udimi solo ads sellers for the health niche is Dominykas Gobe, an email marketing specialist and solo ad seller with over 10 years of experience.

This seller is verified on Udimi and has already made sales for 55% of customers who have used his solo ads traffic. 6% of his recent 100 happy customers have made more than one order.

Dominykas_ Top Health Solo Ads Seller in Udimi

Dominykas offers US-only and regular minimum of 85% Tier-1 traffic in health and other niches including MLM, Biz Opp, crypto, and more.

The great thing about this seller is that he can also write your email ad copy at no extra charge to you.

Apart from that, his email subscribers come from his own sales funnels. If you’re struggling to build your email list, the seller promises to add 70 to 90 new leads daily.


Top Udimi Alternatives Solo Ads Provider in the Health Niche

If you’re looking for websites like Udimi that offer high-quality solo ads at affordable prices then you should pay attention to this section.

Udimi is the best platform to buy awesome email traffic but it’s also good to learn about the alternative websites out there.

Let’s get rolling.

1. Straight Arrow Solo Ads


StraightArrowSoloAds is a leading marketing agency founded by Chris Gilman, a specialist affiliate marketer that provides high-quality solo ads traffic to help you grow your email list and increase sales for your health business.

The agency delivers 100% high converting traffic from Tier-1 countries including Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and England.

As you know, these are countries where people are more likely to spend more on health products thus getting your offers exposed to these countries assures you of more sales.

The agency also offers free tracking reports so you can get keep track of the performance of your email campaigns to see whether your money is generating better results.

If you aren’t sure how to write your own email swipe, Chris himself will do that for you at no extra charge on you. You just need to send him the link to your offer and let him write a catchy solo ad that converts visitors into buyers.

Chris promises a 15% discount off the price for first-time buyers and 10% clicks over delivery.

According to me, Udimi is much better than this website for one among many reasons: The seller promises to deliver real quality traffic, not fake clicks but still goes ahead to say that “If some fake clicks slip through the cracks, I’ll resend those clicks at no charge to you

That means that there are higher chances of getting fake clicks on this website than on Udimi.

Udimi also wins over this solo ads agency for price. While you can get solo ads from sellers on Udimi for as little as $0.30 per click, Straight Arrow Solo Ads pricing plans start at $0.79 per click.


2. Super Fresh Traffic

Super Fresh Traffic is also another Udimi alternative solo ads seller that promises to expose your health, fitness, and weight loss products or services to a hungry crowd of customers.

Super-Fresh-Traffic Solo Ads

The website offers quality email traffic from Tier-1 countries including New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

The website uses an innovative link tracking system so you rest assured to get real human traffic.

You can also keep track of the total number of overall clicks, unique clicks, and all traffic Tiers to see whether you’re getting value for the money you invest in solo ads with this platform.

The good thing about Super Fresh Traffic is that you get affordable advertising. The website also promises to send your email swipe to highly targeted audiences.

Unlike Udimi, this website doesn’t promise to write an email ad copy for buyers.

Another area where Udimi wins over this website is that when you place your order, your ad swipe will be looked at within 2 business days.

On Udimi, you can choose whether you want instant traffic or set the timeframe for delivery.

The minimum cost per click on this website is also higher than on Udimi.

Price: Pricing plans vary between plans and based on your niche. For instance, health and fitness plans start at $0.85 per click whereas weight loss solo ads cost a minimum of $0.80 per click.


3. Elite Traffic Club

Are you planning to launch your health product but aren’t sure how to attract attention to it. You probably don’t have an email list and no contacts in your industry and are wondering how to drive traffic to your products?

Elite Traffic Club Solo Ads

Don’t worry. Elite Traffic Club has your back.

The Solo ads service was founded in 2021 to provide high-quality email traffic to buyers in health, fitness, and weight loss, among other niches.

The solo ads service promises to deliver your email ad copy to people who are actually looking for your product- and if you cannot write a catchy copy, you can request them to do it for you at no extra charge on you.

If you’re wondering why I included this website in my list, here are two reasons you should order Elite Traffic Club solo ads:

The service ensures that you get targeted advertising delivered to their qualified buyer’s list.

The solo ads platform is also straightforward so you don’t need to be a techie to start ordering traffic clicks.

Note that, unlike on Udimi where you can get solo ads sellers who provide premium traffic from 100% Tier-1 countries, this service only promises 70% to 80% traffic from Tier-1 counties.

The minimum cost per click is also higher than Udimi.

Price: Pricing plans start at $0.90 per click.


4. Jordy Solo Ads


If you want to become successful in your health business, you need to generate more traffic by running effective promotions and targeted email campaigns. For this, you need to use solo ads from Jordy Solo Ads.

First off, Jordy Solo Ads is a one-stop solution for all of your health and fitness traffic needs.

The solo ads service was founded by Jordan Tan to provide business owners with a fresh, high-quality email list with subscribers who are highly targeted and can convert easily.

Jordy Solos are also cost-effective but not like Udimi. Udimi sellers are also open to writing your email ad copy but Jordy Tan doesn’t promise anywhere that he can write email swipes for buyers.

And even if he can do it, you will have to wait for around 5 to 7 days.

Another thing is that even though this solo ads vendor promises to deliver the exact clicks you order, you can also get clicks from 70% to 75% of Tier-1 countries.

You may also have to wait for around two days before your order is delivered.

Pricing: Pricing plans start at $0.75 per click.


5. High-Quality Solo Ads


Wrapping up our list of the best Udimi alternatives solo ads providers is High-Quality Solo Ads, a service founded by John Cho and Gin Ng to provide highly targeted solo ads traffic for personal development and health niches.

The solo ads provider promises to deliver 100% human traffic that works perfectly with health and fitness offers among others.

The provider offers high-quality traffic from 100% Tier-1 countries including the UK, US, AU, NZ, and CA. Plus you can order country-specific email traffic by contacting Gin.

Traffic is delivered on a first-come-first-served basis here. High Quality Solo Ads traffic also includes buyers. This means that traffic delivered to your website/offer will come with buyers.

The service also offers a tracker service for you to monitor the number of clicks delivered to your offers.

Note that, Unlike Udimi, you need to purchase a minimum of 500 clicks for you to conclude if your offer converts.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Top five Udimi solo ads sellers and alternative websites to purchase highly targeted email traffic proven to increase sales for your health offers.

As you have noticed, even though most of the Udimi alternative solo ads sellers guarantee premium quality email traffic clicks, they lack essential features and aspects that Udimi offers.

Also, most of them have a high minimum cost per click compared to Udimi. That’s why I recommend Udimi for all your solo ads traffic needs

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