Top 10 Udimi Solo Ads Seller In the Crypto Niche

Are you looking for reputable Udimi solo ads sellers for your crypto business but aren’t sure where to find them?

You have landed on the right page.

Udimi is one of the most established solo ads marketplaces out there but there are also scammers. This makes it hard to find a reputable ads seller for your crypto offers.

That’s why we have come up with a curated list of the top Udimi sellers with good ratings and affordable prices.

Where to Buy Targeted Solo Ads For Crypto?

Even though there are many solo ads marketplaces out there, many affiliate marketers, online business owners, bloggers, and others swear by Udimi for various reasons.

First off, the platform connects buyers with registered and legitimate sellers. Solo ads sellers undergo a strict test to ascertain the quality of their mailing lists before they can start doing business on the Udimi.

Another reason why I recommend Udimi is the buyer protection policy. When you buy Udimi solo ads, you rest assured to receive real traffic clicks and not bots.

These are just a few reasons why Udimi is the go-to marketplace for anyone looking to buy solo ads.

Top Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Read on to discover more about each Udimi Solo Ads seller for the crypto niche.

1. Thomas Freeman

Meet Thomas Freeman, one of the top Solo ads sellers for high-quality traffic from 100% top tier countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Thomas is a 6-figure email and affiliate marketer as well as a verified top 1% Solo ads seller on Udimi.

Thomas_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

He’s based out of Latvia, Madona, and offers Solo ads traffic for the crypto niche.

You can also buy Solo ad clicks from Thomas for multiple niches including affiliate marketing, ClickBank, personal development, travel, and MLM.

If you’re looking for guaranteed traffic delivered fast then Thomas is the vendor you should do business with.

When you buy solo ads traffic from this seller, you will also learn practical tips on how to increase the opt-in rate by 30-50%.


2. Indulis Staskiewicz

The second top solo ads seller for the crypto niche in our list who delivers 97%+ Tier 1 traffic is Indulis. This seller offers targeted and responsive email traffic for the crypto niche to help you increase your ROI.

Indulis_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Indulis is based out of Latvia, Sigulda, and appeared top 5 in October 2022 for sales as well as the top 2 in January 2021 for “I Got Sales” ratings.

The seller was also favorited 11 times recently.

Besides, he’s also listed in the Hall of Fame member with 14 awards for having ranked in position 2 for 11 months in a row between 2014 and 2022.

FYI: Udimi Hall of Famers are sellers who have exceeded the norm. These are people who have earned their reputation for being the type of sellers buyers want to continue doing business with.

Aside from being a Hall of Fame member on Udimi, Indulis generates 3000 to 5000 new leads every week from different traffic sources including e-zines, private ad networks, and reputable solo ads sellers.

The seller also guarantees 5% over delivery.


3. Athanasios Hatzikirkou

Based out of Greece Pyrgos, Athanasios is yet another amazing Solo ads seller on Udimi for you if you want to generate 100% high-quality traffic from top-tier countries for your crypto business.

The seller guarantees hot traffic that’s more likely to convert.

Athanasios_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Athanasios is a professional internet marketer and online entrepreneur who offers highly targeted traffic for the crypto niche.

You can also order traffic for other niches like work from home, ClickBank, make money online, etc.

The seller currently boasts 76% “Got Sales” ratings with 30% of buyers who have placed more than one order.

The good thing about purchasing solo ads traffic from this dude is that you get a swipe/ad text done for you if you don’t have one.

You just need to provide the link or URL to your offer and the seller will do the rest for you.


4. Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson guarantees premium traffic from his own list without brokering.

The seller boasts 81% “Got Sales” ratings. More than 20% of buyers have ordered traffic more than once from this seller and have reported great results. The reviews in the seller’s profile speak for themselves.

Jason_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Jason appeared top 2 in December 2021 for sales and ranked top 2 in May 2020 for “I Got Sales” ratings. He’s also a Hall of Fame member on Udimi with 17 awards.

When you purchase solos from Jason, you rest assured to get 95% top-tier traffic. The seller offers instant delivery. You also get a free funnel and landing page review.

Apart from providing solo ads for the crypto niche, the seller also offers solos for other niches like make money online, MLM, and more.

Jason doesn’t provide 100% desktop traffic but a mix of mobile and desktop.


5. Maurizio Pace

If you’re looking for high-quality traffic for your crypto business then contact Maurizio. Based out of Italy, Venafro, the seller guarantees 90+% traffic from top tier countries including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, and Australia.

First off, Maurizio Pace is a Hall of Fame member with 11 awards.

He was also in the top 3 in November 2018 for sales and currently boasts 68% ‘Got Sales” ratings. Besides, 26% of buyers have made more than one order from this seller.

Maurizio_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

When you order solos from this seller, you’re guaranteed 10 to 20% over delivery. Besides, the seller ads 300 to 500 fresh subscribers daily so you rest assured to get new visitors to your online business.

You also get free premium professional ad copy and funnel review and check.


6. Angelo Sayson

Angelo Sayson is yet another Udimi Hall of Fame member with 13 awards boasting 80% “Got Sales” ratings and an AWeber email list of over 521,800 email subscribers.

The solo ads seller is based out of UAE, Dubai, and offers 97% traffic from top-tier countries.

Angelo_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Most of the traffic you get from this seller comes from Google AdWords, FB Ads, private ad networks, Bing ads, email drops, etc.

Aside from generating traffic for the crypto niche, you can also order traffic for other niches like MLM, IM, ClickBank, and more.

7. Khaled Ibrahim

Khaled Ibrahim has put a disclaimer in his Udimi profile notifying everyone planning to purchase traffic from him that you may generate sales during and immediately after the actual run of his traffic or not at all.

Khaled_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

This isn’t meant to scare buyers but he’s being honest with his offers.

The reality is that most buyers that have ordered traffic from him have seen great results which explains why the seller has 77% “Got Sales” ratings and 18% of his buyers who have placed orders for traffic more than once.


8. Ho Jun Yi

Ho Jun Yi, a Malaysian, Udimi solo ads seller based out of Ipoh is the guy to look out for if you’re looking for 100% high-quality tier 1 traffic that’s proven to convert.

Ho Jun Yi_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

This seller currently boasts 66% “Got Sales” ratings and 17% of buyers have made more than one order.

He was top 3 in March 2021 for sales and top 3 in January 2021 for “I Got Sales” ratings.

He offers 100% excellent traffic for crypto and other niches such as make money online, MLM, ClickBank, etc.

His list comprises active buyers and more than 500 new leads are added daily. When you order traffic from this seller, you get 10-15% over delivery.


9. Karim Chourabi

Karim Chourabi has been offering high-converting traffic on Udimi for over 4 years. When purchasing solo ads traffic for your crypto business for this seller, you don’t have to worry about someone who isn’t experienced in the solo ads industry.

Karim_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

Here are a few highlights about this Udimi solo ads seller for the crypto niche:

  • He delivers 95+% top tier 1 traffic.
  • He has 80% “Got Sales” ratings.
  • He has an active list and buyers list with new subscribers added daily.
  • 26% of buyers have made more than one order.
  • He guarantees 10% over delivery (bonuses).
  • He offers unique clicks only.
  • Delivers 100% crypto targeted clicks.


10. Demian Voorhagen

Coming at #10 in our list of the top Udimi solo ads sellers for the crypto niche is Demian Voorhagen, a professional Artificial Intelligence, online marketer, and crypto trader based out of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The seller has 61% “Got Sales” ratings and offers 90% T1 traffic. You get an over-deliver on each order you make from this seller.

Demian_Udimi Solo Ads Seller for Crypto Niche

The best thing about Demian is that he offers free funnel and landing page reviews and delivers traffic suitable for any money-related niche including crypto, affiliate offers, Bitcoin, make money online, CPA, forex, etc.

When you order traffic from Demian, he will personally review your landing page and thank you page before accepting your order.


Udimi Alternative Solo Ads Sellers in the Crypto Niche

Here are Udimi alternative solo ads sellers for the crypto niche.

1. Straight Arrow Solo Ads


If you’re looking for high-quality traffic delivered on time then try Straight Arrow Solo Ads.

Straight Arrow Solo Ads is a solo ads platform owned by Chris Gilman to deliver high-quality traffic to your crypto and other money-related offers using solo ads.

The marketplace provides 100% targeted leads from English-speaking nations including Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and many others.

This means that when you purchase solo ads traffic from this platform, you get visitors who are more likely to purchase your offers.

The website employs high-level filtering to ensure you get quality traffic that’s proven to convert. You don’t have to worry about bots and non-email traffic getting its way into your orders.

Besides, the seller sends a detailed tracking report so you can understand the traffic you’re getting. This is to help you keep track of your campaign to know whether you’re getting value for your money.

What’s even great is that you get the exact amount of traffic you get or even more from high targeted quality sources.

When you sign up as a first-time buyer on this site, you get a 15% first-time buyer discount on the price. Additionally, when you purchase solo ads from the site, you also get 10% extra clicks.

It’s worth noting that when you order solo ad clicks from this site, you aren’t guaranteed sales but you rest assured to get real quality traffic with high conversion potential.

Price: Straight Arrow Solo Ads pricing plans start at $79 per 100 clicks ($0.79 CPC)


2. Our Solo Ads


Our Solo Ads is also another great Udimi alternative solo ads provider for the crypto niche owned by Harshwardhan Singh that provides high-quality email traffic for crypto businesses and other money-related offers.

When you purchase solo ads traffic from this website, you’re guaranteed to receive real clicks. In other words, your offer is exposed to real humans.

The platform has been offering high targeted traffic for over 5 years now. These testimonials speak for themselves.

You also get premium 80% T1 solo ads from the UK, NZ, US, and other top-tier countries for amazing results.

Every traffic package you order comes with guaranteed clicks and a 10% bonus.

Price: Our Solo Ads pricing plans start at $90 for 100 clicks ($0.90 CPC)


Final Thoughts

Have you been wondering who are the top Udimi solo ads sellers for the crypto niche?

If you have been looking for high targeted solo ad clicks for your crypto offers without success then I hope this article has helped you.

As you will see in this list, I have reviewed solo ads sellers who offer affordable high-quality email traffic guaranteed to generate results.

I have also shared two Udimi alternative solo ads marketplaces where you can buy affordable email traffic from English-speaking countries as well.

Note that even though the two alternative solo ads marketplaces are great, I’d recommend using Udimi as I have been using it for a long time now and due to the advanced security the marketplace offers to ensure you get real human traffic and not bots.

Claim a $5 Discount on Udimi– When you sign up for the first time!

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