7 Top Udimi Solo Ads Seller in the Finance Niche

Are you considering using solo ads to drive high-quality traffic to your finance offers or services but aren’t sure where to get it?

Finance is one of the best niches that work well with solo ads. This can only be possible if you get quality targeted email traffic from a legit solo ads seller.

This means you have to do a deep search before purchasing solo ads from any vendor. However, you don’t have to.

In this article, I’m going to introduce to you a list of seven top Udimi solo ads sellers for the finance niche.

Let’s get into it.

Why Use Udimi Traffic For To Promote Finance Offer?

When promoting with solo ads, Udimi is undoubtedly the best marketplace to use. Aside from the landing page and ad text writing opportunity, there are a ton of benefits of using Udimi.

For instance, the marketplace deals with fraud, delivery timing, and traffic quality issues so you don’t have to worry about the quality of traffic sent to your finance offers.

Udimi click filters ensure that you only get light traffic by filtering out non-human traffic. There are also thousands of legit solo ads sellers for the finance niche in Udimi than in any other marketplace.

Top Udimi Solo Ads Sellers for Finance Niche

That said here is the list of the top Udimi solo ads vendors for quality and targeted finance niche email traffic.

Note that the list comprises sellers who offer affordable high-quality traffic that’s proven to convert.

1. Brandon Sean

Brandon is a full-time internet marketer, list builder, and online entrepreneur. He’s also a verified Udimi solo ads seller and a Hall of Fame member with 10 awards.

This seller offers quality 100% top-tier traffic as follows: The United States (97%), Canada (1%), Australia (1%), and 1% from across other English-speaking countries.

Brandon_Udimi Solo Ads Seller in the Finance Niche

Aside from quality traffic, the seller offers advice and support for beginners, a thorough squeeze page, and a funnel review. He also promises 5% to 15% over-delivery on his orders.

What’s more, 90% of Brandon’s customers have already reported great sales and 27% of the recent buyers have made more than one order.

The great thing about this seller is that he takes approximately 2 hours to review and accept orders. The seller adds between 500 to 2000 fresh and engaged leads daily.

Brandon promises to show your offer to his buyer-filled list that comprises people who actually buy.

Aside from the finance niche, the seller also offers traffic for MLM, network marketing, Biz Opp, and other niches.

Brandon will write for you professional email ad copies and materials using the same strategies he has used to make great sales for himself and his clients.


2. Thomas Freeman

Thomas is also another verified and reliable Udimi solo ads seller with targeted and responsive email traffic for finance offers and many others. The solo ads seller is a 6-figure affiliate marketer and Hall of Fame member with 6 awards.

Thomas Udimi Solo Ads Seller

Besides, he offers 100% T1 countries including New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. The seller also has 83% “Got Sales” and 28% repeat customers out of the recent 100 buyers. He takes approximately 4 hours to accept orders.

Moreover, his traffic also works well with other niches like affiliate marketing, MMO, personal development, MLM, etc.

The most amazing thing about this seller is that he guarantees fast email traffic delivery and a 10% to 15% traffic bonus.

Furthermore, he adds over 500 fresh and high-quality leads to his email list daily.

Apart from offering quality email traffic to get you better results, Thomas will teach you how to increase the opt-in rate by 30% to 50%.


3. Indulis Staskiewicz

Unlike Brandon and Thomas, Indulis isn’t verified on Udimi but that shouldn’t worry you because 86% of people who have purchased traffic from the seller have reported great sales and 26% of the 100 latest buyers have purchased email traffic repeatedly.

Indulis Udimi Solo Ads Seller

Apart from that, the solo ads seller adds over 3000 fresh leads weekly from trusted solo ad sellers, private ad networks, and other trusted sources.

Most of the traffic the seller offers comes from 100% Tier-1 countries as follows: The United States (97%), Canada (1%), Australia (1%), and the United Kingdom (1%).

His list includes buyers as well.

If you’re looking to increase your ROI by driving high converting traffic to your finance offers then contact Indulis. He takes approximately 4 hours to accept orders.


4. Karim Chourabi

Although not a verified solo ads seller on Udimi, Karim Chourabi has 80% “Got Sales” ratings for delivering high converting traffic to customers. He has also received repeat orders from 26% of his latest 100 Udimi buyers.


The good thing about this seller is that he sends traffic to your finance offers right from his own email list.

Plus the traffic comes from 91% of Tier-1 countries as follows: US (80%), Canada (5%), Australia (3%), UK (2%) and 9% from around the world.

When you order email traffic clicks from this seller, you get unique clicks and 10% over-delivery.

Besides, he takes approximately 2 hours to accept orders so there is not too much waiting before traffic starts flowing into your offers.

Currently, the seller offers real human traffic in a range of niches including finance, make money online, internet marketing, business opportunities, etc.


5. Aleksandrs Meisars

Aleksandrs has 84% “Got Sales” ratings and 30% repeat orders from his latest 100 solo ads buyers.

The seller accepts orders in approximately 4 hours.

Furthermore, traffic comes directly from his email list with active buyers (FYI- active buyers are the actual Aleksandrs’ customers).

Currently, he makes over $20k from his list which consists of over 600 new high-quality leads added daily.


Traffic from the seller comes from 97% of Tier-1 countries including the United States-94%, United Kingdom-1%, Australia-1%, Canada-2%, and 2% from across the world.

Aleksandrs is also a verified Udimi solo ads seller who offers email traffic in a range of niches like make money online, crypto, multi-level marketing, etc.

The seller promises 10% over-delivery and free funnel and landing page review when you order solo ads from him.


6. Angelo Sayson

Angelo Sayson is an internet marketing guru who offers premium email traffic generated from private ad networks, Google AdWords, Bing ads, banner media, and other sources in the Udimi marketplace.

Although this seller isn’t verified on Udimi, he has 80% “Got Sales” ratings and 28% repeat buyers from the latest 100 people who have purchased his solo ads.

Angelo_Udimi-Solo-Ads in the Finance Niche

His traffic works well with a range of niches including internet marketing, multi-level marketing, CPA, and others.

Additionally, Angelo is one of Udimi’s Hall of Fame members with 12 awards. The seller will send traffic with buyers included.

Most of the traffic you get from this seller comes from 99% of Tier-1 countries including Australia- 1%, the USA-94%, Canada-3%, and 2% from around the world.


7. Athanasios Hatzikirkou

The last best Udimi solo ad seller for the finance niche in our list is Athanasios Hatzikirkou, a verified seller with a fresh list of subscribers containing real buyers who are ready to opt-in and start purchasing right away.


As someone with a solid background and experience in online and offline marketing as well as PPC and SEO advertising, this seller is undoubtedly going to help you make more sales with the quality traffic that comes with hungry buyers.

What’s even great is that the traffic comes from 100% Tier-1 countries including New Zealand-1%, the USA-94%, Canada-4%, and Australia-1%.

The seller has 76% “Got Sales” ratings and 30% repeat customers from his latest 100 solo ads buyers. He takes an average of two hours to accept orders and guarantees 10% over deliveries on traffic.

This seller can also write your ad text or email swipe for free.


Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, investing in quality solo ads is a great way to promote your finance offers and grow your business. As you have seen above, most Udimi solo ads I have reviewed offer affordable and highly effective solo ads traffic that comes from Tier-1 countries.

Besides, most of their traffic includes people who have actually purchased from them so you rest assured to get traffic that’s actually looking to purchase.

Buy legit traffic and promote your business from these top Udimi solo ad sellers for the finance niche today.

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